Melting Me Softly – Episode 14 (27 & 28) Recap & Review

The Strongest Episode So Far

The finale is just around the corner and it definitely feels that way as Melting Me Softly doubles down on the drama, offering up a tense cliffhanger with both protagonists in grave danger. The episode also tackles what would happen if the cryonic capsules were real and the reason why people would want to use them. It’s a pretty controversial subject too, and one many people could easily debate over.

We begin the episode with Mi-Ran leaving the station, very upset and heading to have drinks with her friends. Kung-Ja tells her she’s dating Hyun-Ki while Young-Sun reveals that she’s now divorced. Mi-Ran then explains that she’s worried Dong-Chan might still have feelings for his ex girlfriend. On her way home, Mi-Ran is startled as a dark figure starts to follow her down the street. Fortunately, he’s scared off by Dong-Chan who waits for her outside. However, she tells him that she doesn’t really want to talk and needs time to think.

The next day, Ha-Young meets with her colleague who explains they have been crowdfunding for the cryonic experiments and have already raised 3 million. After leaving, Mi-Ran sees Dong-Chan and confronts him about hugging Ha-Young. He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it but eventually he caves, finally admitting that he loves her.

Back in her office, Ha-Young finds out that the killer Heyung-Du hired hasn’t been caught yet. We then cut to the killer eating lunch and remembering his boss’ order to kill Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran, even if he gets arrested in doing so. At the lab, Professor Jo tells Professor Hwang that someone else has asked to be in a cryonic capsule too. This lead us to Jang Woo-Sin, son of one of the shareholders, who explains he wants to be frozen with his girlfriend but asks Mi-Ran about her experiences before taking the plunge and comitting.

Dong-Chan’s family finds out who their son is dating, prompting them to invite him and Mi-Ran around for drinks. The atmosphere is a little tense at first but thanks to Mi-Ran’s fun personality, she quickly manages to win them over.

Dong-Chang decides to stay at the station for now while he works on his new project. He then asks Ji-Hoon to work with him where they both start interrogating people who want to be frozen in a cryonic capsule. Unfortunately, most people want to be frozen for the wrong reasons until he meets the parents of Nam Ki-Seok who are suffering from a rare form of cancer.

As Mi-Ran heads to the car park to wait for Dong-Chang, she is almost run over by a motorcyclist but is saved just in time by Ha-Young. After the commotion, Mi-Ran thanks him before being picked up by Dong-Chang who gives her a taser to defend herself.

Back at the lab, we see that Professor Hwang has completed the antidote and quickly calls Dong-Chang to give him the good news. Meanwhile, Ha-Young meets with Mi-Ran and finally comes clean to her about the deal she had with Heyung-Du to put her back in the frozen capsule. She explains that she was still in love with Dong-Chang and acted in desperation. As she leaves, Mi-Ran tells Ha-Young that she doesn’t want Dong-Chan to know and this will stay between them.

Back home, Dong-Chan gives Mi-Ran a matching watch as they won’t need their biometric ones anymore. After an awkward misinterpreted marriage proposal, the next day Dong-Chang heads to the lab to be the first one to take the shot. Unfortunately, his heartbeat increases rapidly and he starts clutching his chest. At the same time, Mi-Ran is in a car with Dong-Chan’s brother in law, followed closely by another police car. We then cut to Ha-Young who finds out the killer actually drives a police car. The episode then ends with the killer, dressed as a policeman, walking towards Mi-Ran.

This episode of Melting Me Softly was certainly one of the strongest of the season so far. The romance between Mi-Ran and Dong-Chang has developed quite nicely during the last few episodes and they have some touching and fun moments as well here. The episode also brought us some much-needed closure for Ha-Young as she made up with Dong-Chang and came clean to Mi-Ran.

This week also touches on an interesting subject surrounding the future and what would happen if we could freeze ourselves for a period of time. We see a number of people wanting to be part of the experiment too and for a lot of them, their reasons were pretty selfish, ranging from vanity to financial dominance.

The ending was pretty tense this time around too, with Dong-Chang’s heart in trouble and Mi-Ran about to face the hit man. While Melting Me Softly is far from the strongest drama this year, the last few episodes have redeemed this one slightly and look set to end this one on a high. With the final two episodes to come, the door is left wide open here for a further twist in the tale to ensue.


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