Melting Me Softly – Episode 13 (25 & 26) Recap and Review

Warming Up The Drama

The truth is finally out about our antagonist and his true identity. While this was expected to come to light very soon, the way it was delivered remained a nice surprise and it sure has caused a lot of ripples for many characters in the drama.

We begin where we left off with the broadcasting of the video showing the truth behind Lee Suok Du and Professor Hwang’s attempted murder. While Mi-Ran seems okay with it, Dong-Chan attends a disciplinary meeting for the release of his video. However, he tells them he doesn’t regret it and explains that he did what he thought was best for everyone.

Meanwhile, a seething Heyong-Du is forced to attend an emergency board meeting where he claims that the company has been a victim of fake rumours and that the video has been forged by his younger brother Heyong-Du. After insisting to be the real Seok-Du, the door opens to reveal his twin brother and his son. Still trying to fool everyone, Heyong-Du tries to fabricates the story further but is quickly stopped when his brother is able to reveal the truth to the board.

With Heyong-Du arrested, Professor Hwang is released and plans to quickly make the antidote for the body temperature problem while Ha-Young is interrogated after the police discover her involvement with the usurper. During a prison visit, Heyong-Du admits to his brother that he had always been jealous of him as his father favoured him.

Back at the office, Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan continue flirting which leads to everyone finding out about them. He later decides to hand in his resignation and advises Hong-Seok to do the same too as he was close to Heyong-Du as well. He then tells Mi-Ran his decision and explains that he’s planning to start his own YouTube channel. Not wanting her to work without him, he asks her to join him but she declines as she’s happy at the station.

After the first episode of GO GO 99 airs, we see that the show is a success and has achieved a very high rating. Having second thoughts, Dong-Chan returns to the station but notices Mi-Ran and Ji-Hoon walking in together which makes him very jealous.

After working at the restaurant, Dong’s Chang brother and sister tell him that he will need to go somewhere else for the week as they’re having some construction done in the house. Without any close friends, Dong-Chang wonders where he will stay. The next day, he meets with with two businessmen who offer him a Director job where he will be given full freedom and control. However he refuses as he doesn’t want to depend on the money.

While Ha-Young hands in her resignation to Hong-Seok, we see that Young-Sun and Byung-Sim are finally divorced. Young-Sun decides to meet Kyung-Ja and convince her that she wasn’t the one who published the article about Mi-Ran. After finding out about Dong-Chan’s predicament, Mi-Ran suggests that he stay in her rooftop which pleases him greatly. As he settles in, he speaks with Professor Hwang who tells him that once he has solved their temperature problem, the experiment will be a success. Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan meet in the hallway soon after and begin kissing but this causes their heartbeat to rise so they decide to spend the evening in a cold sauna instead.

On their way to work, Dong-Chan finds out that Ji-Hoon is the son of Byung-Sim but also that Ha-Young has quit. At the same time, Hyun-Ki finds out from his boss that he hasn’t filed Dong-Chan’s resignation letter yet as the board doesn’t want him to leave. We also see the police hanging a Wanted poster about the hired hitman who used to work for the fake chairman.

Dong-Chan has a meeting with his old cameraman who finally reveals that 20 years ago Ha-Young came to ask him to go with her to see the police to start an investigation about his disappearance. This prompts him to meet Ha-Young on the rooftop, asking her why she didn’t tell him she tried going to the police. Despite seeing how touched he is, Ha-Young tells him that she gave up and that he should never forgive her. As they hug, Mi-Ran watches them from afar, looking concerned where we end the episode.

While the show still doesn’t quite reach the heights seen on previous Korean Dramas, this latest episode brought the story forward a lot thanks to the truth finally coming out, revealing who the culprit is. A lot of other plots began to unravel during the episode too, which was certainly welcome as the show has often been quite slow-paced.

With only three episode to go, Melting Me Softly will undoubtedly offer up more dramatic scenes in the future, especially with the hit man still at large and the ongoing health issues our protagonists continue to face. The drama has been quite average throughout, if I’m honest, and is unlikely to be a drama to remember for long after it airs, but whether the last three episode will help this end on a bang, remains to be seen.


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