Melancholia – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review


Episode 13 of Melancholia starts by revealing the mysterious figure Yoon-soo met with last episode. The man is Seung-yoo’s father. Curiously not angry with Yoon-soo, he instead asks her if she can help his son live a normal life.

Yoon-soo doesn’t see this happening. Seung-yoo will have to continue his life as a mathematician. It’s simply too important for him to prove something meaningful. 

Of course, he’s currently trying to prove Ms. Noh’s and Assemblyman Min-joon’s guilt, going so far as to file a bill of indictment against them.

Ms. Noh is in even more trouble. After Yeon-woo accuses her sister of abusing the Ahseong Foundation’s funds, their father orders an audit. At another meeting, the board will decide on whether to dismiss Ms. Noh.

Meanwhile, Ms. Noh is suspended from her work at the school. Vice Principal Choi takes over her duties.

Seung-yoo goes to see Yoon-soo. He apologizes for ruining his goal of protecting her, all because he fell in love with her.

But Yoon-soo says she doesn’t regret anything that has happened between them, and they embrace. They spend a lot of time together the next day, each of them happier than we’ve seen them in a long time.

In response to Seung-yoo’s claims, Min-joon threatens to sue anyone who would slander him. Mr. Han tells him that he will testify against him and Ms. Noh.

By now, Hye-mi is certain that Ms. Noh and Min-joon have had an affair, and Ms. Noh doesn’t deny it.

When Min-joon storms into her office, angry that she revealed their secret to his wife, Ye-rin overhears. She’s devastated that nothing Ms. Noh ever did for her was actually for her own good.

Ms. Noh threatens Vice Principal Choi, afraid that he’s trying to take over her school. Meanwhile, Seung-yoo gains another potential ally in Seong-jae, who feels he is also a victim of Ms. Noh’s actions four years ago.

Interestingly, Vice Principal Choi meets with Mr. Han. He offers to help him with his plan to testify against Ms. Noh.

Worried about Mr. Han’s future testimony, Ms. Noh tries to persuade him she’s on his side.

The episode ends with the police interrogating Seung-yoo, Min-joon, and Ms. Noh about various accusations. They bring in two witnesses: one being Mr. Han, and the other being Yoon-soo. 

The Episode Review

Some things in this episode just happen out-of-the-blue, such as Seung-yoo’s father suddenly requesting that he live an average life. So far, the man has wanted his son to be anything but average. Added to that, there’s been no build-up to the vice principal’s betrayal of Ms. Noh. Yet, that’s very likely to happen!

If Melancholia has been consistent with anyone’s development, it’s with Ms. Noh. Her unstoppable drive has been a terrifying force from episode 1 of the show, and that has never let up. The tension between her and Yeon-woo is especially at an all-time high.

This episode ends on an interesting cliffhanger as well. Seung-yoo obviously believes Mr. Han is there to testify against Ms. Noh, but has she swayed him to do otherwise?

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