Megamind Rules! – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Megamind Rules! Episode 5 begins with Keiko, Megamind, Roxanne, and Chum playing a game of Guess That Thing. Following that, Keiko remembers she has a science project to submit. Megamind offers her to use his lab and equipment. Roxanne realizes that Keiko’s teacher is Bennett, an old camp friend of hers. She decides to pay him a visit, and Megamind and Keiko tag along.

Arriving there, Roxanne is thrilled to see Bennett, and they instantly hit it off. Megamind gets jealous and tries to show Bennett that his friendship with Roxanne is stronger. Unfortunately, he is only left feeling left out. Returning to his lair, he is filled with sadness. Keiko then shows him her science project, a robot that throws balls. She then heads off home.

Megamind decides he needs to make a friend of his own and modifies Keiko’s robot. While Roxanne is on a date with Bennett, Megamind walks in with a robot calling it his camp best friend. Roxanne realizes Megamind is just jealous. Following that, Megamind plays with Pal-3000, and they create a ruckus in the restaurant by pestering everyone there.

Bennett leaves and Keiko arrives looking for her science project. Megamind apologizes and lets her take the robot. Pal 3000 feels dejected and decides to find a new Megamind friend and speeds off. Pal 3000 scans the city trying to find something that looks like Megamind while Megamind and friends chase him. Pal 3000 wreaks havoc in the city.

Megamind confronts Pal 3000 and claims he still wants to be his friend. Pal 3000 accepts him, and they have a fun time. Megamind takes Pal 3000 to Keiko, but he recognizes her and claims betrayal. He grabs Megamind and begins to run up a building.

Keiko realizes the orb might have the same effect on Pal as it has on Chum. Roxanne throws it up to Pal, relaxing him. Megamind and Pal 3000 begin to freefall to the ground, but Megamind uses his gun to slow their descent.

The next day Keiko shows Pal 3000 to her science teacher, but Pal is too sad to throw the ball. This risks Keiko getting a bad grade. However, Megamind convinces him to throw the ball, getting Keiko a good grade. Pal 3000 meets Bennett’s robot, and they both become friends at the end of Megamind Rules! Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Megamind Rules! Episode 5 touches on the subject of friendship and has many lessons to teach. It portrays Megamind’s possessive side where he gets jealous of Roxanne’s friendship with Bennette. He tries to compete, trying to show he is a better friend.

When this fails, he decides to create a robot like himself to be his friend. This is a big mirror held in his face as Pal 3000 has similar morals to friendship. That’s when his habits are used against him when Pal-3000 gets angry and tries to look for a new friend and becomes destructive in the process. The episode aims to teach healthy boundaries and freedom within relationships.

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