Meet Me @ The Alter – Past // Present // Future | Album Review

Track Listing

Say It (To My Face)
T.M. I
Same Language
A Few Tomorrows
Need Me
It’s Over For Me
Thx 4 Nothing
Rocket Science
King Of Everything


Meet Me @ The Alter have built an infatuated fanbase with their infectious style of pop punk, and on release Past // Present // Future, they lay down more groundwork in terms of melody and lyrical proficiency, securing such a well-rounded sound. Lead singer Edith Victoria places her vocals like red alerts, channeling a more aggressive outlook, which generates diverse moments.

Pop Punk has its critics, and it gets battered along the way, pushed aside by purists, but all in all, there’s some decent songs amidst the obscurity. This band, for sure, have songs that don’t just stick to one chord or genre, rather, they have tracks which really are progressive and have the power to rally a crowd.

The album has many highlights, moments where rock has a stance, more so than  pop punk. It can be heavy, it can be subtle, and it all can merge, creating synergy. On point, the record, balances brazen lyricism with riffs and more riffs, and it isn’t overly produced.

‘Say It (To My Face)’ starts with a bang. Angry and resentful, the band don’t hold back lyrically or musically, and the riff pleases as well as the snotty nosed characteristics. It’s an eventful beginning.

‘Kool’ has rock undertones, and the song starts slowly, building up to an explosive crescendo, with lyrics that point to rage.

‘Need Me’ begins with a pop punk slant, and the riffs prove decisive, while the words convey a broken fairy-tale. It’s well crafted all the same, though.

‘Rocket Science’ carries the pop punk banner, and it progresses into a lovestruck fantasy, exploring memories gone bad. Thankfully, it makes every riff count.

Meet Me @ The Alter confirm that they’re not heavily induced by pop punk dramatics, as they do everything their way, and that really sticks out on their latest album.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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