Mech Cadets – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 10 of Mech Cadets opens in outer space. Maya hurls the power core at the Sharg and Frank throws a projectile at it to cause an explosion.

Unexpectedly the power core implodes instead of exploding, creating a black hole. The cadets fly away to avoid getting sucked in, but Tombo’s injured hand detaches from the body and gets sucked into it.

The black hole shuts down and the crew is safe. Unfortunately, the black hole wasn’t open for sufficient time to suck in the Queen Sharg.

Is The Queen Sharg defeated?

Stanford realizes that Buddy’s power is probably to control gravity. He devises a plan to create another black hole with the Power Core and use his power to hold it open until the Queen gets sucked in.

Captain Tanaka considers Stanford’s plan, but he realizes they do not know how long Buddy can hold the black hole open. He decides to push the Queen Sharg into the black hole, but this suggestion is met with strong opposition from the cadets. Captain Tanaka insists it’s the only way.

As per the plan, Maya hurls the last power core and Frank follows up with a projectile creating a Black Hole under the Queen Sharg. Stanford uses his powers to hold open the hole. Captain Tanaka goes ahead to push the Queen Sharg in, but unfortunately, Tombo’s thrusters aren’t working well. Maya swoops him and pulls him to safety.

Seeing this Olivia decides to step in to push the Queen using the maximum power of her thrusters. Despite pleadings from the cadets to return she doesn’t stop. She ends up getting swallowed by the black hole along with the Queen Sharg.

What happens back on Earth?

Grieved by their loss, the cadets return back to earth. Stanford feels guilty as he realizes he had the opportunity to close the black hole to save Olivia. Maya and Frank try to console him.

The cadets head to Sky Corps amidst the celebration. Captain Tanaka walks up to General Park’s office to find him deeply grieved and joins him.

Stanford, Maya and Frank raise a toast to honor Olivia but also wish she had survived. Captain Tanaka visits the grave of Charlie, his wife, a pilot who also fell fighting the Shargs.

The cadets and Ava meet over at Stanford’s place for lunch. Stanford feels they should still check to see if Olivia managed to survive.

Chief Max works on Tombo and manages to revive his consciousness and Chief Clark steps in with a robotic arm to attach.

Ava brings Stanford to the garage to surprise him with a gift. She repaired his bike and Stanford is thrilled about it.

How does Mech Cadets end? Is Olivia really dead?

She also breaks bad news to him. She explains that she has to leave Sky Corps as she isn’t okay with sacrificing Robos for their power cores. The two go for a ride together and part ways.

The cadets assemble along with Captain Tanaka to head out and find Oliva. This time General Park also uses a HF unit to join the search and the team takes off.

After entering the black hole, Olivia finds herself in another strange dimension and sees a silhouette figure walking toward her as she regained consciousness.

The Episode Review

The episode revolves around the efforts made to kill Queen Sharg. Throughout the season, it has been a long work in progress with Olivia’s character, and in the finale she makes the ultimate sacrifice. Her decision weighs heavily on General Park because he has always preached sacrifice for the greater good.

Towards the end, we catch a glimpse of Olivia, suggesting that she’s still alive out there. We can anticipate a search to find and rescue her, should this one be renewed again.

The chapter also challenges morality as Ava leaves Sky Corps. Staying would require her to be okay with killing the Robos to acquire their Power Cores. Not only did Ava not want to participate in it herself, but she also did not want to be associated with a company that indulged in that, concluding her arc in a pretty satisfying manner.

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