Mech Cadets – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Dark Matter

Episode 9 of Mech Cadets begins with the GDR satellite being taken down by the Sharg. The Sharg releases thousands of eggs, each with the potential to turn into a giant Sharg. Stanford realizes that the Alignment Motor is busted. He exits Buddy and attempts to fix it by hand while the others protect him.

Meanwhile, Chief Max shows Captain Tanaka that Tombo has made a full recovery. Despite the fight with General Park, he decides to step up to the plate and join his cadets in combat.

Just as Captain Tanaka gets ready to take off, General Park approaches him with 3 Robo hearts salvaged from Veritas’ power core. He requests Captain Tanaka to give them to Olivia once he reaches them due to her power shortage. Captain Tanaka accepts it in Charlie’s name and takes off.

Stanford manages to fix the motor and bring the satellite back into alignment, but almost instantly the alignment fails again. Stanford loses hope, but the crew urges him to try again as they hold off the Shargs. The 3 decide to use a coordinated pincer attack by steering the Shargs to the working side of the GDR.

General Park focuses on the one Sharg egg that crash-landed. It has hatched and begins moving. General Park assigns Chief Clark to take down the Sharg. Chief Max confronts him about taking all the ordinance, but he continues with Operation Jazz.

Just then, Ava arrives with the two HF pilots. She also brought along HF2 & HF3, which Chief Max decides to work on.

Stanford sends Buddy to help the other cadets in their battle as he fixed the Satellite. Stanford accidentally loses his grip on the railing and starts falling toward Earth. He has a short flashback of a memory with his father. Buddy grabs Stanford and saves him from the freefall.

Chief Max informs General Park of the work she did on HF2. Just then, the General is alerted that the Sharg was heading for the campus and would be there any moment.

With Chief Clark at the control unit, the campus is left defenseless. Chief Max has an idea to use HF2 against the Sharg without any ammunition. Stanford’s mother has an idea for HF2, and they get to work on it.

In space, the cadets fight the onslaught of Shargs, and HF1 runs out of power, leaving it vulnerable to the Sharg. Just then, Captain Tanaka swoops into the rescue and inserts the Robo Heart, replenishing her access.

In preparation, HF2 stands between the Sharg and the Campus. The Sharg pounces to attack and Adam lets the Sharg get a bite on the HF2 unit. He quickly ejects himself and hits the detonate button, unleashing a huge blast. This kills the Sharg on land.

In space, Stanford has almost completed the Satellite repairs. He alerts the crew to return to safety and activates the GDR shields once everyone is safe.

Everyone, both on the campus and in space, is safe. However, before returning Stanford suggests they deal with the Queen since it has stopped creating eggs. Maya and Frank hurl a Robo heart and a weapon to detonate it to create a colossal blast.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses on the problem-solving abilities of every character in the show while maintaining the consistency of their personalities. This is manifested in various scenarios, such as Olivia venturing into outer space, Stanford utilizing his engineering skills, Captain Tanaka setting aside personal grudges to rejoin, and Chief Max working on the HF units, to name a few.

The episode also includes a few events that seem contradictory and lack explanation. For instance, the move made by Queen Sharg to displace the GDR satellite thus creating an instant opening. Despite a few inconsistencies, the episode manages to bring together a strategically intense action sequence that is thrilling as the complexities unfold.

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