Mech Cadets – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Einsteins-Rosen bridge

Overwhelmed with guilt, episode 8 of Mech Cadets begins with Olivia attempting to use the untested HF1 to escape Earth’s gravitational pull. General Park is concerned about HF1’s untested flight altitudes posing a threat to her life; however, she succeeds in breaking through. General Park heavy-heartedly orders Max to start repairs and get the GDR online, knowing its implications.

Max sends Ava instead, so she can work on Tombo to retrieve Olivia. Stanford is assigned to go with Ava for security detail, while Maya and Frank are assigned to the north and south ends of the campus, respectively. General Park emphasizes setting up a defensive perimeter until the Robos are operational. Chief Clark assures General Park that all operating HF units will be ready in time.

Olivia detects the Sharg Ship in space and heads straight toward it. The ground support team picks up on this and informs General Park.

Ava arrives at the GDR site and is overwhelmed by the damage. With some support from Stanford, she formulates a solid repair plan. She also receives his help to mount the tower to realign it.

Frank and Maya engage in dialogue from end to end about how they feel concerning the entire situation. Frank blames himself and begins to drown in guilt. Maya instantly feels a strong connection with Frank and teleports to him, showing the guy a better perspective.

Olivia gets close to the Sharg Ship and connects her video footage with the base. She proceeds to scan the surface of the ship to provide a 3D visual to the crew. While scanning, she discovers Eyes along the front of the ship. General Park realizes it’s not a ship but a Huge Sharg.

As Olivia retreats, the Sharg releases a swarm of eggs. Olivia immediately opens fire on the hundreds of eggs, but unfortunately she won’t be able to hold them back. General Park orders HF units to be deployed immediately. He also urges Ava to speed up her work on the GDR.

Unfortunately, HF isn’t able to take off due to a malfunction. General Park orders Frank and Maya to take off.

In space, a few eggs make contact with HF1 and drain it of its power, sending her into free fall. Frank and Maya arrive just in time to save her.

Ava brings the GDR back online just in time to let Stanford take off into space. The GDR starts to come online; however, if the three didn’t make it in time they would be stranded outside the boundary.

Just then, Buddy unexpectedly uses a new ability to create a portal and lets the three in.

General Park breathes a sigh of relief. Just then, Captain Tanaka rushes in with a punch, blaming General Park’s inconsiderateness. The two engage in a fistfight while arguing about the decisions taken. Eventually, Captain Tanaka pulls out his badge, throws it on the floor, and leaves.

In space, the giant Sharg executes a sleek manoeuvre and slightly scrapes the satellite. This displaces the satellite, disabling the GDR shield. The Earth is now left vulnerable to the giant Shargs as it releases thousands more eggs.

The Episode Review

This episode finally portrays the manifestation of General Park’s moral framework and also prompts us to contemplate its various implications. General Park operates under the ideology that the survival of humanity takes precedence above all else. This implies that even his own life or the lives of a handful of people are expendable when it comes to the survival of humanity.

This episode challenges him as his daughter’s life is at stake. He does his utmost to persuade her not to cross the boundaries of the GDR to save the world. But this would contradict his motto. Ultimately, he decides to close the GDR before her retreat is confirmed. This buildup is executed brilliantly and the show delivers an outstanding manifestation in the storyline.

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