Mech Cadets – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

All For One

Episode 7 of Mech Cadets begins with the Cadets relaxing at the dorm. Olivia is still thinking about what her father has done with the Robos though. Suddenly the alarm rings as there is a code red alert. The Cadets rush to prepare as General Park briefs Captain Tanaka on the several locations the GDR is being targeted.

The Cadets put their hands together and prepare for battle. The stakes are high as letting a GDR down means an entire ship can enter Earth.

The team finally finds the Sharg as it erupts from under a mountain. The team is surprised as the sharg is much larger than the ones they’ve faced before. The crew is unable to deal any direct hits to the creature, while HF1’s missiles are the only weapons doing damage.

Unfortunately, Captain Tanaka attempts to get in close to deal with a slash. However, he is met with an attack from the Sharg and loses an arm. He falls unconscious and isn’t able to continue the battle. The Cadets have no option but to engage in combat without his guidance.

The group decides to go with Stanford’s training plan. Maya initiates the attack followed by Stanford and Frank. Olivia finally attacks the Shargs head, disorienting it. Maya goes in for the kill as she uses Captain Tanaka’s blade to slice through its belly, thus killing it.

The crew has no time to celebrate as tiny Shargs Gush out of the Big Sharg’s belly. The cadets are careful as these smaller Shargs shoot molten lava out of their mouths. The Cadets tactfully takedown the Shargs. Buddy also reveals a new move striking down multiple Shargs from a distance.

The team now faces a new problem as the Shargs take flight. A team of three HF1 units piloted by Adam and his friends shows up in the nick of time firing missiles and taking down the Shargs. The Shargs smart it safe this time, defending one Sharg to make it to the GDR.

Unfortunately, the Sharg is successful in reaching the GDR and this shuts down one of the sectors. The Sharg Ship continues to approach Earth leaving them no time to debate on the morality of killing the Robo-Mechs for power cores. Olivia promptly takes off for outer space heading directly for the Sharg Ship.

The Episode Review

In the last couple of episodes, we witnessed the tenacity of a single Sharg. This episode goes full throttle by introducing a Sharg much larger than the one seen before. What’s more, upon its death, multiple smaller Shargs erupt out of its belly, leading to an epic chase of the Shargs.

We also begin to question morality as it is confirmed that the extraction of Veritas’s power core led to its death. On the flip side, the extraction was utilized to power a flight of HF1’s. This raises a question: Is sacrificing a sentient life to create another Robot with its Power Core truly worth it?

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