Mech Cadets – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Mech Cadets begins with Olivia catching Ava sneaking into the garage and confronting her. Ava responds that she was looking for a part and that she has found it now. Olivia is suspicious of Ava.

Buddy takes Stanford back to Sky Corps. Stanford takes the opportunity to apologize for disobeying a direct order. General Park mentions that under normal circumstances, he wouldn’t consider reinstating a Cadet. However, these are desperate times and he puts Stanford on probation.

Frank and Maya are thrilled to see Stanford return. Just then, Olivia and Maya are called to report at the Launchpad. The two decide to stay behind and help Stanford clean up so he can join them as well.

Captain Tanaka is happy to see the teamwork and assigns all of them to the mission, that being to scan the perimeter and check for signs of escaped Shargs. Frank is also able to join the team as Ava manages to attach the prosthesis directly to the Exo suit.

Stanford apologizes for not being very supportive and thanks her for everything she is doing for them. Ava forgives him but is unable to tell him what she discovered as Olivia is right there. The crew takes off for duty.

Meanwhile, Chief Clark walks in on Ava as she is accessing the secret files. He confronts her about the Link Mod she had to install, but Chief Max arrives just in time to intervene. Chief Clark takes the Link Mod and leaves with his men.

The Cadets complete the scan an hour early and decide to enjoy marshmallows over a bonfire under the starry sky. They have a meaningful conversation before leaving to return to the base.

Back at her lab, Ava discovers that the damage done to Veritas was bad, but not life-threatening. Ava takes this up with Stanford as he returns from duty. She takes him and Chief Max to the garage she found Veritas in.

Due to the probation, Stanford is hesitant to use his key card to enter but eventually agrees to do so. The trio enter the garage and find Veritas stripped of its power core. They confront Olivia about it, asking her if her dad is also involved. She immediately jumps on the defensive and shuts the door.

Chief Max checks the drive they picked up from the garage and finds an image of a Sharg egg ingrained into the memory. Meanwhile, Olivia decides to confront General Park about the same. He deflects any blame saying it is something he had to do in his position and that he had Veritas killed for the power core.

Chief Max approaches Captain Tanaka with the picture of the Sharg eggs. The pair come to believe that there are multiple eggs all over the planet already.

The Episode Review

This episode finally addresses the issues concerning General Park. His actions with the Robos make it clear as to the light in which we should view him. It is interesting to see how this progresses, as this chapter only provides an initial glimpse of Olivia’s reaction.

The team finally comes together as per Captain Tanaka’s wishes, marking the onset of the Sharg War. Chief Max and Captain Tanaka learn about the eggs spread throughout the world.

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