Mech Cadets – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

For All Humanity

Episode 4 of Mech Cadets begins with Stanford’s mother stumbling upon the site of the newly hatched Shargs. She immediately alerts General Park and they both examine the scene. They find the body of Dr. Miller who seems to have been attacked.

Meanwhile, the Cadets are busy enjoying themselves back at the Cadet Dorm. 

Shortly after, while handling the Skycat, Ava and Max comes across a tunnel, leading from the garage to Dr. Miller’s Lab. They realize that this can mean only one thing – The Sharg has escaped. General Park realizes that all the technical operators have gone to install the GDR upgrades and orders Chief Max to initiate Lockdown to prevent the Sharg from escaping.

General Park realizes that they still have 3 more unhatched eggs with them that they need to destroy. Stanford’s mother suggests they use the Plazma Incinerator to destroy them. All of them disperse to their assigned roles.

Chief Max heads over to the control room and initiates lockdown. All gates except for one go into lockdown. She rushes there with the Skycat to make sure the Sharg doesn’t escape in those 3 minutes. Chief Clark happens to be taking a ride in the shuttle when he is obstructed by Chief Max.

Unaware of the situation, he gets out the shuttle and begins to talk down to her. Chief Max notices a rumbling sound from behind one of the shuttles and pushes him and herself into his shuttle. The two hide there waiting for the Sharg to leave.

At the same time, Stanford’s mother and General Park unload the Eggs in the incinerator. Unfortunately, turning it on shorts the locks.

Back at the Cadet dorm Olivia and Maya realize the campus lockdown board is flashing. A Sharg unexpectedly drops from the vent. They quickly take cover in Stanford’s room and push the bed to block the door.

Unfortunately Frank isn’t aware of the Sharg as he walks out of his room and is forced to engage in combat with the creature. The three of them also join in to help Frank fight the Sharg. Unfortunately in battle, Frank loses his prosthetic leg.

He puts on his crutches and managed to fight much better with them. He has a short flashback to the time he had to give up his crutches and use the prosthetic leg to join Sky Corps. Together, the four manage to overpower and defeat the Sharg.

Ava sneaks over to the shuttle Chief Max was hiding in and calls her to help General Park. General Park and Stanford’s mother hold down the hatch of the incinerator as the hatched Shargs try to break out. With no other option, Ava goes on to call Stanford for help.

Despite the red signal from General Park, Stanford goes on to unlock the doors so the two could escape, however, this also unleashes the Shargs.

Ava uses the Skycat to kill one Sharg and Stanford arrives just in time with Buddy to take down another. Unfortunately, the third one digs a hole underground and gets away.

The next day General Park scolds Stanford for disobeying a direct order and expels him from Sky Corps Academy.

The Episode Review

This episode gives us a glimpse of the hand-to-hand combat between the cadets and the Shargs. The action scene is nicely done with decent biomechanics incorporated into the animation. It marks the start of the Sharg infestation with one Hatchling successfully escaping the Corps.

Stanford also gets expelled for breaking an order for simply trying to save his mother and the General himself. This sets expectations of the General’s morality and will be interesting to watch how it manifests itself on the battlefield.

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