Mech Cadets – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Mech Cadets starts with the battle between the Sharg and Buddy. Unfortunately, Buddy gets overwhelmed by the Sharg, but another Mech quickly steps in with a sword. The Sharg’s crustacean-like shell doesn’t allow the Sword to penetrate, but Captain realizes a weak spot, lifts the Sharg and stabs it. Once it’s dead, Captain Tanaka steps out of his Mech to make sure everything’s alright.

Olivia and General Park have a heated argument about her not being chosen. Olivia decides to continue training for a new arrival of a Robo despite knowing her chances of succeeding are near zero.

Given Buddy chose to bond with Stanford, Captain Tanaka acknowledges him as a Mech Cadet and the two fly back to campus.

Maya and Frank see the two Robos flying and realize a new Robo has been found. The two are surprised to know the Robo bonded with him. They are given the task of bringing him up to speed as he joins Cadet Class.

The two bring Stanford down to the docks for the first time. Olivia was already waiting as she caught sight of the new Mech while it was flying. She was extremely infuriated that Stanford go the opportunity she longed for. Maya holds her off and lets the boys proceed to check out the Docks.

Frank reassures Stanford that Buddy saw something in him and that’s all that matters. Buddy runs off midway to tell his mom about everything that’s happened, hoping she responds well. Unfortunately for him, it only reminds her about his father passing away.

The next day Captain Tanaka goes over to Olivia to check on her. He challenges her to one last round with the intention to teach her the importance of adapting. He tries convincing her that not being selected as a Cadet isn’t the end of the road.

Frank and Maya help Stanford get ready for his first day of Cadet training. At training, Maya and Frank step into their Robos for the first time. Captain Tanaka sends them on a race, with the last one to cross the finishing line receiving a penalty.

The four of them enthusiastically go racing through the canyon. In excitement, Stanford zooms across pulling a few stunts. He accidentally hits a ledge and almost crashes into the ground. On landing, they notice a few strange structures on the ground, presumed to be Sharg eggs.

Back at Sky Corps, General Park invites Olivia to offer her another opportunity. He introduces Hero Force One and she gladly accepts.

Later that day Maya, Frank and Stanford catch up over lunch.

The scene pans to an egg glowing, and then a light shining out of an entire cave full of eggs.

The Episode Review

This episode was another light attempt to set down the foundation to start building on. Despite being filled with a few cliché interactions, it does end on an interesting note, signalling that we’re approaching the start of some Robo-Sharg action.

While following the concept of the Pacific Rim, the show is mainly targeted toward children and adults might find almost everything from the character interactions to the plot writing to be quite childish and cliché.

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