Mech Cadets – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Mech Cadets starts by introducing the Great Sharg Wars, which nearly destroyed the world until the Robos arrived falling from the sky. Despite their victory, it is certain that one day the Shargs will return.

We then jump forward to meet a guy called Stanford. He’s off-roading with his dirt bike and makes a huge jump across the canyon. He sticks the landing perfectly, but the ground beneath him becomes shaky and collapses. He quickly grabs onto a ledge, but his bike slips away.

Ava quickly shoots a grappling gun to retrieve the bike. Despite everything that just happened, Stanford is more concerned about upgrading his bike and requests Ava for help. The two race back to Sky Corps.

Back at Sky Corps, the radar picks up 2 new Robo Mechs arriving. General Park is disappointed it’s only 2, however he gives orders to alert the trainees to prepare for their arrival.

Upon returning to Sky Corps, Stanford and Ava hear the announcement of the Pilot selection happening at 15:00 hours. Stanford is thrilled to hear about this but then is disappointed as he won’t get to participate in the trials. He gets back to mopping the floor.

Just then his mother shows up with the news that he might get the engineering interview as she overheard from Chief Max. Stanford, however, is not thrilled as he still has his heart set on becoming a Pilot.

He overhears Frank and Maya talking amongst themselves about the selection. Maya is concerned about Olivia taking her place instead, but Frank assures her there is nothing to worry about. Stanford stands and watches in envy.

General Park briefs the students on the selection procedure happening later that day. The Robos will choose to bond with two of the Trainees and they will graduate to cadets. The students also receive their ExoSuits.

Stanford overhears Olivia, the daughter of General Park, having a discussion with him. Olivia realizes Stanford is standing nearby and disrespects him by throwing a Juice box his way.

Stanford decides to try and convince General Park. Unfortunately, he is turned down once again due to his failure to pass the Cadet Screening test.

He walks over to Ava and asks her to help him steal an ExoSuit. She tries to convince him to consider the Engineering Internship, and in the end, reluctantly agrees.

Stanford breaks into the inventory room to steal a suit while Ava keeps watch from outside. Just then, Sergeant Stanchie comes to pick up some inventory but is intercepted by Ava. She sends him away, saying Chief Max has called for him urgently.

Dressed up in the ExoSuit, Stanford joins the Cadets in formation as the Robos land. Unfortunately, Olivia picks up on this as Stanford stands out from the group due to unfamiliarity with the protocol. He almost gets suspended, but with Ava’s plea considering his internship, he only gets sent off.

The cadets then continue with the competition to showcase their skills to the Robos. Maya, Frank, and Olivia win the competition and are set up to be chosen by the two Robos.

The first Robo chooses Maya and she names him Big Red. The second Robo chooses Frank, and gets named Thunderwrecker. Olivia is crushed by the fact that she wasn’t chosen.

Meanwhile, Stanford is out cooling his head off with a bike ride when he suddenly sees a Meteor in the sky. He rushes towards the crash site and discovers a Robo. The two hit it off really well, but don’t have any time as a Sharg bursts out of the rocks trying to attack them.

The Robo protects Stanford in its fists and gets him to a safe distance, then engages in combat with the Sharg. Stanford quickly grabs his bike and goes for a huge run-up before leaping off a ramp and smacking the Sharg with his Bike.

The Robo grabs Stanford mid-air and smoothly lands. It requests to bond with Stanford. Stanford is absolutely amazed and agrees to the bonding. However, the two do not have time to celebrate as the Sharg returns, and it’s much bigger this time.

The Episode Review

The episode begins by introducing a post-apocalyptic Earth, where Huge Robos fend off a plague of Shargs. The protagonist, Stanford, is a young adventurous boy who dreams of piloting a Mech against the Shargs. However, he is stopped by the strict rules of the cadet screening test.

The episode reveals a prominently important character called Olivia, the daughter of General Park. As of now, her arrogance outshines every other aspect of her personality but hopefully she softens up as we go. However, the chapter does not attempt to explain the purpose of the Robos entering the planet to defend it. An explanation is deserved, as they simply fall out of the sky and choose to cooperate with humans to help them fight the Shargs.

The art style features a light and bright color palette though, which complements the choppy frame-rate. Combined with well-executed action sequences and soundtracks, the show has an amazing look and feel.


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