Mean Girls (2004) Ending Explained – What does Regina do to sabotage Cady? Do Cady and Aaron end up together?

Mean Girls Plot Summary

After being home-schooled for all her life, Cady joins a public high school. Cady ends up befriending Janice and Damian. One day, Regina George, the leader of a girl clique known as the Plastics asks Cady to hang out with them. Janice tells Cady that she should do it and tell her all the bad things Regina does.

As time goes by, Cady begins to gel with the plastics and tells Gretchen that she likes a boy named Aaron Samuels who was in Math class with her. Gretchen tells Cady that Aaron was Regina’s ex-boyfriend and adds that he was off limits. However, Regina learns about Cady’s feelings and sarcastically offers to help Cady get together with Aaron.

What does Cady do to take Regina George down?

At Halloween, Cady sees Regina talking to Aaron and hopes she is trying to set them up. However, she sees Regina kissing Aaron and realises that Regina is a fake friend to her. Together with Janice and Damian, Cady discovers that the only way to bring Regina down is by sabotaging her relationship, friendship and queen bee status.

The trio try to make Aaron see that Regina is cheating on him with a classmate. Aaron learns the truth and ends up breaking up with Regina for good. Soon after that, Cady lies to Regina and gives her Swedish chocolate bars under the pretext of helping her lose weight. Regina is not able to fit into her old clothes after rapidly gaining weight from eating the bars.

What happens to Cady after joining the Plastics?

Finally, Cady, Janice and Damian try to break the Plastics by breaking Gretchen and Regina’s friendship. Karen and Gretchen ask Regina to stop sitting with them as she had broken their outfit rule by wearing sweatpants. After Regina’s exit, Cady ends up becoming the leader of the Plastics. Cady hosts a party at her house and invites Aaron. She dresses up in revealing clothes as waits for Aaron to arrive.

The party gets out of hand after everyone from school shows up. Regina gets furious and shows up at the party, furious at Cady for not inviting her. Aaron sees Regina and goes upstairs to hide from her. Cady shows up in the same room as Aaron. The two get chatting and end up making out in the room.

What happens to Cady on the night of her house party?

On the other hand, Aaron is dumbfounded when he learns that Cady was trying to be dumb at Math for trying to win him over. He points out how Cady had turned into a “plastic” by mimicking the derogatory way in which Regina spoke. Cady ends up vomiting on Aaron’s shoes, prompting him to leave her house. He runs behind Aaron only to be seen by Janice.

Janice points out how Cady had lied about going out with her family. She is upset with Cady for hosting a party and skipping her art show. Cady accuses Janice of being obsessed with her, alluding to a rumour Regina had started about Janice being a lesbian. Janice is befuddled by Cady’s behaviour and calls her a plastic, just like Regina.

What happens to the Burn Book?

On the other hand, Regina is upset when she sees Cady and Aaron together. She also learns that Cady had been feeding her the Swedish bars that were making her gain weight. She gets upset and ends up making an entry in the Burn Book – a book compiled by the plastics where they wrote mean comments, burns and rumours about people from school.

In the entry, Regina writes a mean comment about herself. The following day, Regina takes the book and shows it to the school principal, telling him how Cady, Gretchen and Karen were the only three people who were not in the book. The principal asks Regina to keep the details about the book and the rumours in it to herself and calls the three girls in his office to talk to them.

In the meantime, Regina puts photocopies of the pages from the burn book in the school hallway for the students to read. There is chaos in the school which leads to the female students fighting with each other. The principal gathers all the female students in the school basketball court and gets Ms. Norbury, the Math teacher to counsel the girls.

How does Ms Norbury counsel the students?

Ms Norbury helps the students, including Regina use their interpersonal rage as a way to communicate with one another. Janice uses the moment to tell Regina how she had planted Cady to sabotage her because Regina had made up a rumour about her that nearly ruined her childhood. Janice’s confession is met with a positive response.

Regina ends up storming out of the room, upset about Cady betraying her. Just then, Regina gets hit by a bus after which she ends up in a hospital. On the other hand, the rumour about Ms Norbury being a drug dealer is met with scrutiny since it was discovered that the school’s coach was hooking up with two of the underage students.

Cady finally comes clean and tells the cops that she made up that rumour, adding that Ms Norbury was innocent.

How does Mean Girls end?

Cady also tries to right her wrongs by joining the Math study group upon Ms Norbury’s request. She ends up going to the Math contest with the group instead of attending prom like the other students. Cady’s group wins the competition because of Cady. Ms Norbury asks her to go to the school prom to celebrate with the entire class.

At Prom, Cady wins prom queen and gives a heartfelt speech about women fighting with other women. Janice and Damian were happy that Cady was sorry for her actions. They agree to be friends with her again. At the same time, Aaron tells Cady that he also likes her and the two kiss.

Mean Girls ends with Regina joining the school lacrosse team and starts channelling her rage on the playground. Karen ends up becoming the school’s weather reporter and Gretchen joins the Asian kids clique. Cady dates Aaron, who is away from school after graduating. Janice is dating Kevin, a member of Cady’s Math group.


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