Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Ending Explained – Why is Thomas’ blood the cure?

Scorch Trials Plot Summary

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is the second instalment of The Maze Runner film series based on James Dashner’s The Scorch Trials. The second film continues the thrilling adventures of Thomas and his friends as they find themselves on a precarious journey to find the Right Arm across the deserted landscape of the scorched world,  plagued by the living dead. 

What does Thomas find in Janson’s facility?

The newly rescued Gladers arrive at a facility. The owner of the facility introduces himself as Janson. They are the ones who are supposed to have killed the WCKD. The Gladers are given a room with bunker beds, meals at a dining room where they find that there have been many mazes like theirs. At night back in the room, Thomas meets Aris. Aris have been using the vents to go around the facility and he shows Thomas that the doctors bring in bodies at night in a room where the vents do not go. 

The next day, Thomas picks up a fight with one of the guards and steals the door access. He goes with Aris to the locked room and find many bodies being drained out of blood – “harvesting”. While in the lab, Janson comes in. He has a conversation with Dr. Paige while Thomas and Aris hide. They realise that the facility is WCKD’s (World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department). Thomas and friends make an escape from the facility. 

What is The Right Arm?

Thomas and Aris first hear about The Right Arm while eavesdropping on the conversation between Dr. Paige and Janson. The Right Arm is a rebel organisation, acting against the experiments of the WCKD.

When the Gladers arrive near the base of The Right Arm, deep into the mountains, surviving in the wild, they find Aris’s fellow maze-mates, Harriet and Sonya who take them to the leader, Vince. They find that Harriet and Sonya were broken free from the Maze by The Right Arm. The Right Arm is the one attacking WCKD’s operations and maze’s, taking the youth with them to deliver them to a safe haven. 

What is Thomas history before he was sent to the Maze?

When the Gladers arrive at The Right Arm’s base, they meet Dr. Mary, a former scientist at WCKD, who broke away from the organisation due to ideological differences. She tells the group, including Vince, that Thomas was the source who gave them information about WCKD’s facilities and mazes and their locations. Through his help, the rebel group were able to save many children. 

Why is Thomas’ blood the cure?

Brenda and Jorge met the Gladers in one of the warehouses in the outskirts of the city when the group was trying to take shelter from the storm. While trying to help Thomas escape, Brenda is bitten by the infected. She faints upon reaching the base where Vince almost kills her but Dr. Mary intervenes. While treating Brenda with Thomas’ blood, Dr. Mary tells Thomas that the brain of children like Thomas secrete an enzyme which results in them becoming immune to the Flare. 

She further tells him that the enzyme needs to be harvested directly from the body of the immune and cannot be artificially manufactured. She makes a cure using Thomas’ blood which halts the infection in Brenda’s body but Mary tells them that she will keep needing more. We also find that WCKD are draining blood from the immunes’ bodies eventually killing them to find a cure. 

What does Teresa reveal? 

After meeting with Brenda, Thomas talks to Teresa. Teresa tells him about her mother’s suffering who was infected with the Flare. She eventually clawed her eyes out and died. Teresa reveals to Thomas that they need to find the cure and cannot let millions of people die in vain. It’s later revealed that Teresa has been with WCKD and has led them to The Right Arms Base.

What happens to the Right Arm?

WCKD’s forces attack The Right Arm and gather the remaining test subjects. Janson kills Dr. Mary. Thomas threatens to bomb everybody, supported by his friends. At the time, Brenda and Jorge counterattack the WCKD leading to Thomas bombing a nearby group of soldiers.

However, in the chaos, Minho is hit and is taken with WCKD as Thomas, Newt, Brenda, Jorge and a handful of The Right Arm including Vince and Harriet are left behind. They plan to proceed towards the safe heaven but Thomas plans to save Minho and others and kill Dr. Paige. They join hands for revenge against WCKD.


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