Mayfair Witches – Season 1 Episode 7 “Tessa” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Mayfair Witches season 1 starts with Ciprien still lost in Donnelaith, Scotland, in 1681. He calls out to Arjuna to get him out of the memory.

Back in the present, Rowan uses her power and learns she is pregnant. She calls Ciprien but he is unreachable, so she leaves him a message asking him to call her back as soon as possible. She tries to connect with Lasher to ask him if he is the one who made the pregnancy happen.

Elsewhere, the group of witch hunters that abducted Tessa are preparing to set her on fire. At this point, Tessa has realized that Lasher is not with her. She tries to plead her case to Keith and his friends after her powers fail to help her.  The witch hunters are excited to have a Mayfair witch amongst them. They want to record as they burn her alive and share the video with their followers. As they prepare, Tessa tries but fails to connect to Lasher.

In the meantime, Rowan decides to visit Tessa because she needs to ask Lasher about her pregnancy. Tessa’s mom tells her that Tessa didn’t come home after last night, she thinks Tessa is probably with her friends. She is not worried but Rowan tells her that Tessa was asking about the witch hunters and wanted to confront them for taking Deirdre’s heart. As they talk, Rowan starts feeling morning sickness and asks to use the washroom.

After using the washroom, Rowan finds the family holding a meeting in the sitting room. Jojo had a premonition about Tessa.  They have asked for the help of a man named Alonso to trace Tessa’s location. The family interrogates Rowan about the last time she talked to Tessa about the witch hunters. Tessa’s mom blames her for not going with Tessa and thinks Lasher is still linked to Rowan.

Rowan tells her that she can no longer feel Lasher’s presence and he won’t come when she called to him. Tessa’s mom asks her to use the words in the spell but Rowan refuses, saying that will be inviting Lasher back. She also points out that Tessa could be with Lasher and it would be dangerous for Tessa if she summons him. Tessa’s mom is also curious why Rowan was so determined to find Tessa so she can speak to Lasher. Rowan refuses to tell her the reason.

Soon, Alonso arrives and they perform a ritual to trace Tessa using her mom’s blood. Unfortunately, the ritual fails because the blood has too many blood ties. Cortland approaches Rowan and asks her if she is sure Lasher is not with her. He wonders where Lasher could be if he is not with either of the girls.

Rowan decides to offer her blood since she knows the witch hunters have Deirdre’s heart. This time the ritual is successful and they get a location. However, Dolly Jean senses that Rowan is pregnant and secretly tells Cortland.

Back to Donnelaith, Ciprien hears Arjuna’s voice explaining that they no longer have the key. He will need to free himself from the memory. She asks him to find the necklace or die in the memory. As he looks for the key, he runs into Suzanne’s younger sister who is able to see and talk to him. She tells him that Suzanne would like to speak to him and asks him to follow her.

As the family plans Tessa’s rescue,  Tessa pleads with her abductors trying to reassure them she is not a witch. Sadly, they don’t believe her and continue to prepare to burn her alive. She tries to bribe one of the female abductors but it turns out the woman has a personal vendetta against her family. She only cares that Tessa is a Mayfair and is ready to watch her burn. Back at home, Jojo tries to prepare the family on the best way to approach the witch hunters.

Cortland asks Rowan to remain behind and try to call Lasher again. He is extremely insistent which Rowan finds annoying and Jojo finds suspicious. Rowan warns Cortland to let go of her and Cortland agrees. Rowan asks Jojo to stay with Cortland and she heads out to save Tessa.

On the other hand, Ciprien meets with Suzanne but it is all an illusion, he is actually in Lasher’s memory. Lasher tells him that Rowan is pregnant and Ciprien asks to set him free. He wants to be there for Rowan. Lasher tells him that Rowan doesn’t want him as she doesn’t want to be tied down and domesticated. Ciprien responds that he would never do that and accuses Lasher of getting into Rowan’s head and manipulating her. He tells Lasher that he wants Rowan to himself because it will add to his power.

Lasher doesn’t deny this and says that he and Rowan are one; what is good for her is good for him and likewise. They are bound together and when Rowan will need help, she will call for her. Ciprien realises that Lasher is up to something and he begs him to keep Rowan alive.

Lasher decides to leave Ciprien behind in his memory. He is curious to see what will happen to Ciprien when he dies. Ciprien remains behind, having a massive headache in the dark. He looks around and realizes something has changed. He manages to find poison inside the memory and drinks it. In doing so, he dies in the memory but wakes up in real life. He immediately heads out to find Rowan against Arjuna’s advice.

At the Talamasca, Cortland calls Albrecht and informs him that Rowan is pregnant. He asks Albrecht to fix the problem since Rowan went out to search for Tessa. Albrecht already knows about the witch hunters and offers to drive Ciprien as he updates him on the current situation. Albrecht tells Ciprein that he is impressed with his determination and it is time to tell the truth.

Albrecht drives to a bridge and stops the car. He gets out and throws the key away. He tells Ciprien that their job is to watch and not save Rowan. Ciprien realizes that Albrecht is working with Lasher. Albrecht tells him of an old prophecy that Rowan must fulfil for the dawn of a new era.

Back to Rowan, she drives to Tessa’s location by herself and finds the witch hunters about to burn Tessa. She uses her power to fight and kill them but she gets shot in the arm. She still manages to free Tessa but Keith shoots her before they are able to leave. Before Tessa dies, she returns the necklace to Rowan and asks her to call Lasher. Rowan, in an intense moment of grief and rage, summons Lasher.

The Episode Review

We are one episode away from the finale and this was a great build-up to what will happen. At this point, Rowan is pregnant with Ciprien’s baby and is hurt. She is also angry and sad about the death of Tessa; there is no telling what she will ask Lasher to do.

Cortland has always come across as shady so I am not surprised that he was working with Lasher and Talamasca to have his way. This episode at least told us what his goal is – he wants the prophecy to be fulfilled but it is still unclear what he gets from this deal.

Ciprien is just learning that his boss is not a man he can trust and he is on his own if he wants to save Rowan. The question is, will he get to her before it is too late? She has already summoned Lasher but the prophecy is yet to unfold.

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  1. So Tessa is gagged, blindfolded, and her wrist bound … in front of her. If she can reach out to shake the cage door, she can reach up and remove the gag and blindfold. Stupid writing.

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