Mayfair Witches – Season 1 Episode 6 “Transference” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Mayfair Witches season 1 starts with a flashback to Donnelaith, Scotland again in the same year, 1681. Suzanne and her sister are visited by three men who force her to come with them. Suzanne pleads that she has done no wrong and asks them to have mercy as they drag her out of her house.

Back in the current time, the morgue attendant is in his home watching a video about how witches are overturning people’s lives. He opens his fridge where he has stored what looks like a human heart and takes a picture.

Elsewhere, Lasher visits Rowan while she is sleeping. She asks him to leave her alone but Lasher reminds her that he is a part of her. That means that he is always with her and can’t leave her. He starts showing her the extent of her power but Ciprien interrupts. He asks if Lasher is there with them but Rowan lies and says no.

He asks her why she is wearing the necklace and she lies and says she doesn’t remember putting it on. Ciprien senses that Lasher is still in their presence. He begins to wonder how Lasher has broken through all the protection the Talamasca has put up. He realizes the necklace is what connects Lasher to Rowan. He asks her to take it off so that he can take it to the Talamasca.

Rowan starts freaking out and grabs the necklace from him and tells him that he can’t have it. She starts breaking down, apologizing for lying and says she can’t stop hearing Lasher in her head. She gives him the necklace and he leaves for Talamasca and asks her to be safe.

Later, her cousin Tessa (who she met at her mother’s funeral) pays her a visit. She shows her a photo of her mom’s heart that the morgue attendant stole and took pictures of. Tessa tracked him using his usernames and traced him to an online group posting about witches. Rowan asks if the group is the one responsible for burning women, Tessa is not sure but thinks so.

Her concern is the man has Deirdre’s heart, she asks her to help her deal with this. Rowan tells her that she is not a vigilante and doesn’t wish to be involved. Tessa brings up Carlotta and Rowan points out she had no choice, Carlotta threatened her life. Tessa tells her that the heart of a designee is sacred, especially for Lasher.

Tessa finds it frustrating that Rowan has more power compared to her but she is not using it because of Lasher. Rowan tells her that she wants her own power without the consequences of being linked to Lasher who she describes as a stalker.

Rowan decides to pay Cortland a visit and tells him she doesn’t want the house. Cortland insists that Rowan is just a little spooked by Lasher but she will get used to him and her new role soon.  He advises her to take the reigns and have Lasher be something akin to her slave. Cortland says he can’t help her do away with Lasher.

Rowan uses her power and senses that Cortland has ALS. He asks her not to tell anyone particularly, Josephine his daughter. She offers to help with his medical treatment.  Cortland tells her that she can transfer Lasher to someone else but he doesn’t know how to do it. He promises to ask his cousin and get back to her. He asks her to give her expert opinion on the Mayfair Medical Wing.

Meanwhile, at the Talamasca’s offices, Ciprien tries to connect with the necklace to understand how it works. He asks for the help of the Talamasca’s healer but she warns him it could be dangerous.  The necklace takes him back to Scotland in 1681 where Suzanne is pleading her case to the villagers. She has been accused of being a witch and is sentenced to death.

Ciprien sees that the man who sentenced Suzanne to death by drowning had the same necklace. (Kindly note the necklace is a key). As they take her to the river to drown her, she uses a spell and a fire ensues. In the midst of the fire, Lasher appears and approaches Suzanne. He throws Ciprien off and he faints in both worlds ( current and past time). The necklace disappears in his hands (in the present time) and the healer tells him to find his way out of the memory without it.

Lasher kills the witchfinder and takes the key. He gives the key to Suzanne and she frees herself and follows Lasher. Lasher tells her that she is his witch bound to fulfil an ancient prophecy.

On the other hand, Cortland finds a way to help  Rowan in his father’s diary but for it to work, they need Deirdre’s blessing. Rowan meets Josephine and she tries to convince her to come work at the Mayfair hospital. Josephine gets a vision /premonition and takes Rowan to the house to meet someone.  At the house, she meets an old lady who agrees to help her to transfer the power to a female next of kin. The family will need to be there and Rowan has to do her part.

The lady explains that Lasher is tied to her bloodline, if the transference ceremony is successful she might suffer other losses. Rowan is ready to take the risk and Josephine wonders if it is worth it. The lady tells her that for the transfer to work, Lasher must choose a female Mayfair and she must choose him as well. For the ceremony, they need the blessings of all designees and use a doll made from various designees’ body parts.

Away from the old Mayfair house, the morgue attendant joins a meeting of people who are against witches. He brings Deirdre’s heart with him. He speaks to the main speaker at the event and shows him Deirdre’s heart.  They celebrate having the heart of a witch with them.

Back at the Mayfair mansion, the ceremony starts as planned and Rowan uses the same spell Suzanne used. The rest of the witches join her and footsteps start sounding before Lasher arrives. He asks why Rowan why she wants to be rid of him. Rowan answers that she wants to be herself without him. He warns her of the risks and asks if she understands that. Rowan starts choking and throws up the necklace.

The old woman asks Tessa if she is brave enough to wear the necklace and accept Lasher. She accepts him and it looks like Lasher has chosen her as well. Tessa and her family get ready to celebrate and Rowan feels free and lucky she still has her powers. Rowan walks away after the ceremony.

Tessa remains behind and offers herself to Lasher whenever he is ready. She texts the morgue attendant online and asks to meet up and see Deirdre’s heart. Tessa meets him in the woods and she uses her power to put him in a trance. Unfortunately, it is a setup. Tessa uses the necklace to try and summon Lasher to help her but the episode ends with her screaming.

The Episode Review

It felt too easy how Lasher just accepted to let Rowan be free. Too good to be true, he has been pining for her and wants her to himself. Sure, Tessa can be a designee but is she the one he really wants? Will he just let Rowan be happy with Ciprien?

Tessa wanted to be the designee, she craves the power that comes with Lasher. I  think she has been blinded by the pros and has clearly forgotten about the cons.

At least we get to learn how Lasher came to be tied to the Mayfair family here. It was in a moment of desperation but the consequences have been paid by each generation.  I hope Ciprien will be able to get out of the memory.

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