Mayfair Witches – Season 1 Episode 2 “The Dark Place” Recap & Review

The Dark Place

Episode 2 of Mayfair Witches season 1 starts with a flashback to Donnelaith, Scotland 1681.  A young lady named Suzanne and her young sister, Florie, are sent on an errand to fetch herbs in the forest. A man waits under a tree for Suzanne to send Florie away, she then gives him a handjob and stops when crows start moving in the direction of their house.

Back in the present, Rowan calls the adoption agency informing them that her adoptive mother is dead and wants to follow up on the release of her adoption documents. The lady on the phone offers her condolences and notifies her that they are not the agency that dealt with her adoption. Rowan is shocked that Elena lied to her all this time. She goes back to her boat and gets drunk.

In the meantime, Lasher updates Deirdre that he found her daughter. Deirdre is in a dark place in her mind where Lasher visits her from time to time. She asks Lasher to make it possible for her to meet her daughter. Lasher tells her that she needs to wake up and take the power that is rightfully hers. Deirdre slowly starts to wake up and gain consciousness.

Elsewhere, Rowan wakes up and learns that she has not been included in the hospital’s daily schedule. She visits the hospital and tries to get Keck to allow her back to work. He refuses and insists she visits a psychiatric doctor and gets evaluated before coming back to work.

While Rowan is getting a psychiatric evaluation, Ciprien sneaks into her boat house to learn more about her. He touches a wineglass in her house and gets a sense of Rowan’s grief and pain.  He also touches her bag and sees what happened with Lemle. Back with the psychiatric doctor, Rowan loses her temper when the doctor brings up Lemle’s death. She hurriedly leaves mid-session before hurting the doctor.

At the parking spot, she loses control and kills three crows which fall on her dashboard. She picks them up and drives off in a hurry. Ciprien spies on her from afar and follows her to the beach where she buries the crows in the sand.  She then takes a pill and falls asleep on the beach. She dreams of her mom, Elena directing her somewhere but she is unable to keep up.

Ciprien makes a call and confesses he is struggling with protecting Rowan. He wants to tell her the truth about her origin but the other party insists that they should wait and observe. He argues that Elena kept Rowan from the truth because it could be dangerous and Rowan has already killed someone. He asks if Ciprien is willing to have Rowan visit New Orleans when she learns the truth. New Orleans seems like a dangerous place for Rowan and Ciprien agrees that Rowan should be kept safe.

In her dark place,  Deirdre uses the words her mom taught her to fully wake up. Dr Lamb is happy she is conscious and can move by herself. He tells her that he can help her get legal help to get out.  Deirdre has no time to lose especially given that  Carlotta is always on her case. She wants to escape as early as possible to meet her daughter.

Rowan wakes up later at night and notices that a man is following her. She confronts him and Ciprien announces his presence. Rowan thinks he is being paid by Keck. Ciprien asks her if they can talk privately but Rowan is scared and warns him that she is dangerous. Ciprien reaches out to touch her when she is about to leave, but her magic overpowers him and he passes out. Rowan quickly administers first-aid and calls the ambulance. She steals his phone and goes through it. She sees a photo of her mom Elena and  Deirdre when they were young in New Orleans. She follows the ambulance but Ciprien has already escaped the paramedics. She decides to fly to New Orleans and get answers.

Finally conscious and alert, Deirdre gets another visit from Lasher. He promises to give her strength and tells her that Rowan is coming to them. They plan to leave in the morning, he has been in Rowan’s dream leading her to them. They make love and telepathically, Rowan is able to sense her mom’s pleasure as she sleeps with Lasher.

The next morning,  Deirdre waits for Carlotta to leave the house before making her grand escape. She begs Delphine to let her escape and she agrees. As soon as Deirdre leaves the house, Lasher showers her with flower petals. She quickly makes her way to Cortland’s house and asks for his help. He is happy to see her and remorseful that he hasn’t been able to save her from Carlotta.

He helps Deirdre to get cleaned up and she tells him about her daughter being alive. He offers to let Deirdre and her daughter stay in his house but he wonders where the daughter is. Deirdre tells him that Lasher will guide her way to Rowan.  Deirdre performs a ritual and connects with Lasher who is in Rowan’s hotel room. He becomes her eyes and she is able to find Rowan’s exact location through him. She hurriedly leaves for the hotel to meet with her daughter

Meanwhile, Rowan arrives in New Orleans and books a  hotel room. She asks one of the hotel staff about the house in the picture. He is not helpful but she gets help from a tour guide who tells her about the famous witches of Mayfair that live in that house. She asks the tour guide to take a detour and take her there. The tour guide is much obliged after getting paid and tells her the tour leaves at five.

Rowan decides to get cleaned up as she waits for the start of the tour. She is oblivious to the fact that Lasher was in her room when she was showering. Ciprien calls her and tells her that they need to meet immediately. Rowan asks who is he and he tells her about the group he works for, The Talamasca. He tells her that Elena reached out to them to keep her safe and he can tell her about her gift/powers. Rowan agrees to meet him at the hotel’s lobby.

Coincidentally, Carlotta is having a guild meeting at the same hotel and she spots Deirdre as she makes her way in. She is shocked and tries to take her home. Deirdre refuses to leave and tells her she will not be kept away from her daughter. Deirdre warns her that she is awake now and so is Lasher.

Deirdre gets in the elevator and Rowan leaves her room and also heads to the elevator.  The elevator opens and she sees Deirdre. She smiles and says, “it is you.” Deidre drops to the floor, bleeding from what looks like a severed neck. A shocked Rowan screams for help as she holds onto Deirdre’s head.

The Episode Review

This is only the second episode but we have so many questions. I am curious to learn who killed Deirdre and why.  It is sad that mother and daughter were not able to have a joyous reunion and my heart goes out to both of them.

It will also be interesting to learn more about the Talamasca group and what they do.

With Deirdre dead, what will happen between Lasher and Rowan? I doubt Carlotta or Cortland will tell Rowan the whole truth. We also have to wonder if Ciprien has good intentions and if he can help Rowan remain safe.

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Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!
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