Matt Maeson – Never Had To Leave | Album Review

Track Listing

Blood Runs Red
Never Had To Leave
Cut Deep
Lonely As You
Cry Baby
Nelsonwood Lane
Twisted Tongue
Waltz Right In
A Memory Away
My Hand/Lawless Dream


This is intelligent song-writing from a musician looking for a glint of magic and a chance of change. Matt Maeson has embarked on filtering out the voices in his head, as he’s definitely hurting, and this remarkable collection is his note for battle. And Never Had To Leave focuses on the downsides rather than optimism, and while the poppy elements make it sound so cheerful, the insightful lyrics tell a very different story.

Maeson has conjured up a record beautifully unconventional, and it has all the themes we associate with melancholy and painful visions. With his expert vocals, the singer/songwriter tells us so much. He’s broken hearted, and he’s not afraid to let it be known.

There are sad songs here. Songs that represent torn up memories and bitter conflicts which Maeson hasn’t shied away from revealing through his music. His lyrics are stellar and so majestic, that it’s hard to dislodge from their meaning.

‘Blood Runs Red’ starts everything off on a high. Maeson raps and sings about losing his head. The instrumentals act as great carriers, and the whole drama astounds.

‘Cut Deep’ showcases the musician’s lyrical genius as he sings about battles and confrontations. Death has been dismissed for now and the progressive sound enthralls.

‘Nelsonwood Lane’ is bittersweet and Maeson ultimately spills his guts, using his lyrical knowhow to great effect. It’s a solemn smash hit and a song that’ll quiver spines.

‘Twisted Tongue’ is a lovely acoustic track. Maeson sings, and conveys that he’s losing the will to cope. It’s another sombre inclusion, and one that’ll pull at the heartstrings.

Matt Maeson is an intelligent musician who has bared his soul on this record of surprises. Never Had To Leave is well worth a listen.

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  • - 8/10

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