Mat Kerekes – Nova | Album Review

Track List

Look, Im a Famous Actor
And It Might’ve Been
Daniel Fang
Art of Living
The Cool Kids
Honky Tink
Six Twenty
You’ll be Selling Out Theaters
Farewell, Frankenstein


Singer/songwriter Mat Kerekes is a master lyricist and a man channelling his desires and strengths through his evocative songs. He knows how this works, and he knows the importance of well-structured tracks. His abilities are clearly on show on Nova, which is a collection of anecdotes, purposefully pushed into light.

The songs here certainly have the melancholic treatment. They’re sombre takes and tracks which pinpoint sorrow and despair, while being wrapped in a musical coating. This direction is viable, as Kerekes may feel the world weighing on his shoulders, but for a musical standpoint everything sounds perfect.

Sometimes Kerekes feels invincible and then he feels invisible. Though his abilities shouldn’t be questioned, his mindset might be, but we all feel the brunt of depressive symptoms, even when the sun shines vibrantly on our lives.

The lyrical dominance serves up snapshots, and Kerekes prevails at every moment while searching for a place to rest his mind. And these words have been painstakingly organised to create a desired effect.

‘Danger’ starts off the record with a surprisingly upbeat style. The musical arrangements are pivotal, and Kerekes sings urgently about dangerous consequences.

‘Art Of Living’ opens with a quirky riff. Kerekes feels rejuvenated for a short interval until the energy becomes sapped. He doesn’t know how to save himself.

‘Parachute’ drags out the past. Kerekes sounds optimistic here for a slender minute, but the song soon takes a dark path. The acoustic charm is invigorating.

‘Six Twenty’ though, tries to paper over the cracks. It’s a louder track, offering riffs and well-coordinated chords, while the lyrics detail a low moment; Kerekes would walk a thousand miles to find solace.

Mat Kerekes is a songwriter at top of his game. Nova represents dark tales but it’s one heck of an LP and well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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