Masters of the Universe: Revolution – Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

What Happened to Adam and Teela? 

Episode 5 begins with Teela trying to control the massive surge of power and energy after she tries to combine all three magical staffs. The three magics are tearing Teela apart. If Adam and his friends don’t do something, Teela will be vaporized. Fortunately, Gwildor and Orko arrive with Adam’s power sword in the nick of time.

Adam grabs Teela and calls upon the power of Greyskull, giving each other new armor and a powerful overhaul. Teela finally confesses her love for Adam and kisses him. Next, Adam asks Teela to use her newfound powers to resurrect Peternia and bring back the afterlife so everyone who dies here or has died before can have a place to rest.

As for himself, Adam decides to take on his nemesis and uncle, Skeletor. Orko and Lyn are ordered to protect Teela while she carries out her job, while Duncan and Andra are to take on the horde. 

What happens to Skeletor?

Now Skeletor has mastered both the technology of Motherboard and the dark magic of Ha’vok. Now, he plans to remake the universe in his image, turning everyone into skeleton beings. Adam climbs above the Castle, and uses his sword to cure everyone that has been infected with Skeletor’s magic.

However, Adam isn’t the only one with new upgrades and starts attacking He-Man with weapons, bestowed upon him, thanks to his new powers. Despite his new armor, Adam is having a hard time deflecting and countering Skeletor’s attack. Moreover, Skeletor conjures giant mechanical titans to wreak havoc on Eternia. Granamyr the Magnificent, the red dragon, joins the battle and scorches many Titans with his fiery breath.

Is the Kingdom restored?

But this victory is short-lived when the mechanical titans manage to pierce Granamyr’s flesh with their sharp nails. Teela uses her magic to restore Peternia, allowing Granamyr to depart with peace. With Petunia now restored, many of the fallen champions, including Randor and Greyskull, aid He-Man in his battle against Skeletor.

Eventually, He-Man defeats Skeletor, turning him into Kaldor. Adam also dissolves Eternia’s monarchy and grants the power to the people of Eternia to pick their own ruler. Evil-Lyn also earns her place among the cosmic enforcers after bringing balance to the universe. 

The Episode Review

Even though Masters of the Universe: Revolution has a shorter runtime compared to all the other iterations, it still manages to deliver a satisfying conclusion. We finally see Teela and Adam confessing their love and affection for each other, even when they didn’t explicitly put it into words. Moreover, Skeletor is also defeated and has returned to its original Gar form, and is jailed for his crimes against the people of Eternia.

Adam also relinquishes the Monarchy of Eternia, meaning people will soon be organizing elections and choosing one fit leader to usher them into a new era of advancement and peace. In addition to all the above, the finale also gives us a glimpse of a new villain. Towards the end, we see a mysterious female alien resembling Hordak, who’s now dead.

The alien is revealed to be the current  Horde Prime, aka Despera, and from what it appears, Prime Hordak is trying to resurrect Hordak so he can lead the Horde army once again. Why? So they can kill Keldor and He-Man to bring the kingdom of Eternia to their knees. If you don’t know, the horde army has tried multiple times to enslave Eternia, but the champions have always defeated them.

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