Masters of the Universe: Revolution – Episode 3 Recap & Review

More Things in Heaven and Eternia

Episode 3 of Masters of the Universe: Revolution starts off with Hordak attacking Stonedar’s planet and capturing him. For the fate of his people, Stonedar challenges Hordak to fight. Stonedar tries to attack Hordak, but Hordak never fights his battle himself but hires minions who’re the best of both: brain and brawl. Stonedar is defeated and has his life sucked out of him by one of Hordak’s beasts. 

Mistress Motherboard conveys to Hordak that Skeletec, in the guise of Keldor, has been crowned as the new ruler of Eternia. Skeletec interrupts the meeting to take credit for his work but is instead berated by Mistress Motherboard. She makes it explicitly clear that Skeletec is just an acolyte, nothing more. 

This angers Skeltec, as for as long as he can remember, Skeletec has only harbored one dream: to be acknowledged as a superior force in the universe. Soon after, Skeletec malfunctions and learns that he is actually Keldor, who was wrongfully banished from his kingdom. Moreover, Keldor was also denied the throne that was rightfully his. Keldor shows glimpses that back his claim that Skeletec is no interdimensional demo but Randor’s brother. 

Meanwhile, Skeletec (disguised as Keldor) talks to his nephew Adam, blabbering the ways he has missed Eternia. Keldor continues that he has always spoken highly of Eternia, even though he spent half his life in banishment. Sketec talks Adam into not waiting around for Skeletec to strike again and suggests taking the fight to him, but notices that Adam no longer has his mighty sword. Why? 

The sword is currently in possession of Orko, who, with Duncan, is on his way to find a locksmith who can help him free the people from the techno virus. Locksmith is short in stature but tall in talent. Gwildor of Thenur refuses at first, but Duncan talks him into enhancing the power of He-Man’s sword. 

On Keldor’s suggestion, Adam travels to Snake Mountain with Cringer, his battle-cat. While he’s away, Keldor manipulates Andra into helping her reverse engineer the Motherboard technology. Keldor says that he wants to integrate the regulars of Eternia with the same technology so they no longer have to rely on their champion. Man-at-Arms agrees and creates a bracelet that, if worn, can enhance their strength tenfold. 

When Adam reaches Snake Mountain, he finds it to be entirely empty. Adam also finds the crown of Eternia sitting above. Adam figures out a bit too late that this was all Skeletec’s plan. Anyone who has now been integrated with Motherboard’s technology is now a slave to Skeletec’s will.

Hordak’s army also infiltrates Eternia’s airspace and, with Motherboard’s help, takes control of the Castle Grayskull, turning He-Man into Adam. As for Adam, he is captured by Hordak’s men after returning to the castle.

The Episode Review

In Masters of the Universe: Revelation episode 3, Hordak captures Stonedar, setting the stage for a tense confrontation. The true identity of Skeletec as Keldor is revealed, and we see him struggling for recognition from Mistress Motherboard.

Skeletec manipulates Adam as part of his unfolding plan and asks him to take the fight to Skeletor while Orko and Duncan search for a locksmith to counter the technovirus. The episode concludes with Skeletec’s scheme succeeding, turning people integrated with Motherboard into slaves. 

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