Mask Girl – K-drama Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Mo-mi and Mi-mo

The season finale of Mask Girl starts with Kyung-ja coming back home to find Mi-mo waiting for her. Meanwhile, Mo-mi is in solitary confinement and begs to be sent out in order to help her daughter. 

What does Kyung-ja do to Mi-mo?

Kyung-ja continues to treat Mi-mo well in order to gain her trust while Mo-mi asks for Eun-suk’s help to find information about her daughter. Kyung-ja asks Mi-mo to reach out to her grandmother. Mo-mi’s mother files a missing person report to find Mi-mo. Mi-mo calls her grandmother and asks her to stop looking because she has always wanted her to disappear.

Mo-mi calls her mother and tries to ask about Kyung-ja but the old woman is still upset with her daughter and refuses to talk. Mo-mi starts growing aggressive and talks to Eun-suk about her daughter, finding the contact number of Mi-mo’s school. She tries to talk to Mi-mo but eventually runs out of time.

Does Eun-suk help Mo-mi?

As it turns out, Eun-suk was not actually helping Mo-mi but had given her a fake number from the school to lie to her. She continues to put on a show of trying to help Mo-mi when in reality, she’s doing no such thing.

Eun-suk asks her people outside the prison to send fake photos of a 7th grader to throw Mo-mi off the scent. Mo-mi is happy to see the photo of who she thinks is her daughter and gets ready for the kidney surgery for Eun-suk’s daughter.

What does Kyung-ja do to Mi-mo?

While Mi-mo is starting to trust Kyung-ja more and more, she imagines a future growing up as the old woman’s aide. Kyung-ja though, has other plans. She drugs Mi-mo and ties her up to a chair. She then sets up a camera to stream Mi-mo being beaten and killed.

What happens when Mo-mi leaves for her kidney donation surgery?

Mo-mi decides to run away from the hospital and manages to trick the guards when she sneaks out. She is injured from jumping off the window but still manages to run outside. However, she is run over by a car on her way. Mo-mi gets up and steals the car from the woman who  run her over, using the phone inside to contact her mother.

In the meantime, Mo-mi’s mother finds Kyung-ja’s phone number from a friend at her church. Ye-chan shows up at her doorstep and tells Mo-mi’s mother that the tteokbokki lady, Kyung-ja, has been the person spreading rumors about Mi-mo. Ye-chan and Mi-mo’s mother drive to the address and the old woman ends up giving that to Mo-mi, who just escaped from the hospital.

Mo-mi’s mother kicks Ye-chan out of her taxi and asks her to go back home. She then calls the cops on Kyung-ja, reporting a threat to Mi-mo’s life. Ye-chan takes a taxi to Kyung-ja’s house in order to help her best friend. 

What does Kyung-ja do to Mi-mo?

After Mi-mo wakes up, Kyung-ja tells the little girl that Mo-mi, her mother, is responsible for his death. She badmouths Mo-mi while Mi-mo struggles to escape from Kyung-ja. Just then, Mi-mo’s car runs out of gas and she takes the help of a passer-by. While struggling to try and kill Mi-mo, Kyung-ja starts growing compassionate towards the young girl.

The cops show up at her house after Mo-mi’s mother’s complaint and ask her to look around after hearing Mi-mo screaming for help. The cops are not able to find Mi-mo as Kyung-ja has hidden her in the basement. In the meantime, the woman driving Mo-mi learns that Mask Girl has escaped and reports it to the cops after Mo-mi gets out her car.

What happens to Mo-mi’s mother?

The cops get called in to look for Mask Girl who’s on the loose. Meanwhile, Kyung-ja gets back to try and kill Mi-mo. Mo-mi’s mother shows up at the house and fights off Kyung-ja in order to save her granddaughter. As the two older women fight, Ye-chan shows up and helps untie Mi-mo.

Kyung-ja attacks Mo-mi’s mother and stabs her with a piece of cutlery when Mo-mi arrives. The old woman asks Mo-mi to go to the basement to save Mi-mo. As they are about to leave, Kyung-ja shows up and holds a gun to Mo-mi, Mi-mo and Ye-chan.

Does Mo-mi save Mi-mo?

Mo-mi manages to stop Kyung-ja and asks the girls to flee. However, Mo-mi’s mother dies in Mi-mo’s arms. After an intense face-off between the two, Mo-mi attacks Kyung-ja and manages to run out of the basement. The cops line up outside Kyung-ja’s house to arrest Mo-mi, asking her to surrender.

Just as Mo-mi tries to turn herself in, Kyung-ja shows up with her gun and tries to shoot Mi-mo. The police shoot Kyung-ja instead and kill her instantly. Mi-mo starts crying as Mo-mi passes out in her arms.

How does Mask Girl end?

Mi-mo is temporarily adopted by Ye-chan’s parents as she goes back to school again. The show ends with Mi-mo watching the tape of her mother performing on stage as a child.

The Episode Review

Wow! This one was a pretty intense drama and Netflix is really doing a great job with the content they are producing when it comes to K-dramas. There was so much chaos in the final few moments of this episode and as much as I wanted Mo-mi to escape prison and live a normal life with her daughter, things did not quite turn that way.

While there is a possibility for a season 2, there is little to no hope for one to be made. The show is a great one-time watch and makes for an interesting weekend binge. However, the show may be quite triggering for many viewers as it involves a lot of bloodshed and some sexual and domestic abuse. 

All in all, this is a great watch and it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger either, which is another plus!

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  1. Okkkkk….one of the most disquieting, unsettling shows I’ve ever seen. Like ever. It’s good, the actors are fine, directing decent,, not many plot holes left unfilled, a fair premise and original idea, but…ya…I’d not watch it again.

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