Mask Girl – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Kim Mi-mo

Episode 5 of Mask Girl starts where we left off with Kim Mo-mi arrested after admitting to the murder of Oh-nam and Handsome Monk. There is a media frenzy around Mask Girl as the doctors claim that she has got a full face remodel surgery while Mask Girl has become somewhat of a sensation in the media.

During her trial, Mo-mi is charged with life in prison for her crimes. Meanwhile, a flashback shows Mo-mi dropping off a little girl at her mother’s doorstep asking the woman to keep her newborn child and Chun-ae’s dog for some time. The little girl is called Kim Mi-mo.

She recalls how her grandmother always mocked her for being like her mother. Mi-mo claims that she really liked the tteokbokki sold by an old woman across from her school. She recalls how one day when she was in middle school, her friends had stopped talking to her after their parents learned that she was Mask Girl’s daughter. 

Mi-mo looks up information about Mask Girl on the internet and starts pretending to wear a mask, acting like her mother. Her grandmother punishes her by keeping her out in the rain. The old lady takes Mi-mo in when she catches a fever but from then on, Mi-mo develops an aggressive personality wherein she starts beating up her classmates who spread rumours against her.

Mi-mo is suspended and moves to different schools but that does not change her aggressive personality. Years later, after joining a new school, Mi-mo is made to sit with the class outcast, Ye-chun, who initially dislikes Mi-mo. Ye-chun tries her best to chummy up with the cool kids but the girls in her class do not befriend her.

One day, Mi-mo helps Ye-chun from her school bullies and the two become close friends soon after. Both Mi-mo and Ye-chan are inseparable.

However, Ye-chan starts complaining about her family life and claims that she’s having a hard time with her family members. Mi-mo refuses to share details about her personal life when Ye-chan makes up a lie stating her father is abusive and she saved her stepmother by stabbing him.

Mi-mo empathizes with Ye-chan and finally trusts her enough to tell her that her mother is in prison and she doesn’t know who her dad is. Ye-chan learns about Mi-mo’s family situation and the two become closer friends. However, Ye-chan continues to throw a tantrum at home and lies to Mi-mo about being abused by her father.

Mi-mo and Ye-chan’s bond keeps growing as the days go by. Mi-mo ends up telling Ye-chan that her mother was in prison due to murder. The two girls decide to run away from home due to their complicated family situation and the girls plan to save money to find a place to live together.

At home, Ye-chan gets curious about Mi-mo’s mother and looks her up online. She finds out that Mi-mo was Mask Girl’s daughter and is excited about the information. Ye-chan ends up selling her little sister’s walker in order to save up money to find a home with Mi-mo.

Ye-chan tries to find more ways to earn money but is caught selling fake K-pop idol photocards to little kids. Some teenagers kick Ye-chan out but her school bully finds her there and starts beating her up.

Meanwhile, Mi-mo tries to steal someone’s laptop at a cafe in order to get money. She is taken to the police station where her grandmother slaps her for disobeying her. The woman kicks Mi-mo out of her house, prompting Mi-mo to flee and call Ye-chan, hoping to crash at her place that night.

Ye-chan lies, claiming that things are not great at her place because her parents are fighting again. With nowhere to go, Mi-mo crashes at the school. The next morning, Mi-mo learns that everyone in school has learned that she’s Mask Girl’s daughter. She skips school and Ye-chan is worried.

Mi-mo’s grandmother shows up to class and asks to talk to Ye-chan. Ye-chan reveals that she’s not aware of Mi-mo’s whereabouts. She goes around looking for Mi-mo and ends up running into her family. Mi-mo, who is watching from afar, is shocked to see that Ye-chan’s parents are not the evil people she had described them to be.

Mi-mo is heartbroken and asks to meet Ye-chan at the underpass. There, Mi-mo and Ye-chan have a fight. The former accuses her friend of lying to her and spreading the news of her mother being Mask Girl. The episode ends with an old woman walking through the underpass as Mi-mo beats Ye-chan up.

The Episode Review

It is not clear who Mi-mo’s father is because she actually did not show any signs of pregnancy all throughout the time she was trying to escape with Chun-ae. It is likely that Mi-mo did not surrender immediately after the incident but waited until she delivered the baby in order to come clean about her wrongdoings.

With that being said, there are so many takeaways from this episode. From Ye-chan’s lies to her friendship with Mi-mo alongside the old woman showing up at the underpass out of nowhere, I hope we have the answers to all these questions in the final two episodes of the show. 

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