Mask Girl – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Kim Kyung-ja

Episode 3 of Mask Girl starts from Ju Oh-nam’s mother, Kim Kyung-ja’s, perspective. Kyung-ja narrates how she was a simple woman who decided to marry a government employee. However, she is turned into a single parent after her husband left her for a different woman soon after Oh-nam was born.

Kyung-ja dedicated her life to Oh-nam and picked up all sorts of jobs to make money to raise him well. After saving up for a while, Kyung-ja opened a small restaurant. As Oh-nam grew up, Kyung-ja noticed how her son was being bullied by his classmates.

Instead of reaching out to his school, Kyung-ja resorted to having prayers done in order to guide Oh-nam. Kyun-ja claims that from that day forward, she did not have to worry about Oh-nam’s grades.

Years pass and Oh-nam goes to college. After landing a job, he asks to move out of Kyung-ja’s house to live independently. She recalls how she had to force him to open the door for her when she wanted to bring him side dishes or food. After being frustrated by Oh-nam’s behaviour, Kyung-ja decides to cut ties with him for good. She grows concerned when Oh-nam does not call her back after a long time of radio silence from her son’s end.

She calls the cops to have his flat opened and discovers that there was a dead body in the fridge of his apartment. The case is given media attention and it is suspected that Oh-nam killed the man and fled. The police interrogate Kyung-ja and learn that had been missing for 2 weeks.

Details about Oh-nam’s weird addiction to sex toys and porn are revealed in the media. Psychologists claim that Oh-nam was someone with poor mental health who had killed someone. After an interaction with his colleagues, the police conclude that Mo-mi’s disappearance was connected to Oh-nam.

The cops check on Mo-mi’s apartment and learn from her landlady that she moved apartments, claiming she was going abroad. The landlady also shares that Mo-mi recently got plastic surgery and she never invited any men over.

Kyung-ja decides to take the case into her own hands and starts learning how to work with computers in order to use his and find more details about Mo-mi (Mask Girl). She starts talking to youngsters using internet chat and learning the lingo that the youth of that age used.

She withdraws all the money from her account and befriends Teddy, Mask Girl’s fan cafe manager, who was also looking for her. Kyung-ja finds a video of a girl from Teddy and learns that she’s now performing with a new face and a different identity.

Kyung-ja suffers from PTSD following Oh-nam’s death and blames herself for not protecting him enough. She is further traumatised when the cops find Oh-nam’s dead body. With 5 months having passed from the time of the incident, Kyung-ja is further determined to find Mask Girl.

She goes to Mo-mi’s family home and tries to have a chat with her mother. However, Mo-mi’s mother refuses to talk to Kyung-ja. Mo-mi’s mother files a complaint against Kyung-ja for harassment and gets her kicked out. Kyung-ja starts making up lies about Oh-nam to brag in front of her friends.

She learns about a fortune teller from her friends and decides to go to Gang-cheon to find Mask Girl. There, she follows the girl from Teddy’s video and finds the number of her agency. Kyung-ja learns that the girl in the video was someone called Yu-mi and goes looking for her in the red light area.

After a lot of looking around, Kyung-ja suddenly runs into Yu-mi at a tteokbokki stall. She follows Yu-mi and learns that she’s working at a room salon called 37-5 Degrees. From the room salon manager, Kyung-ja learns that Yu-mi now goes by Mi-ae. She heads to the same hair salon as Yu-mi and notices Make Girl’s necklace on her.

Certain by the fact that Yu-mi is Mask Girl, Kyung-ja decides to prepare herself before the attack and purchases an illegal gun. She starts working as a taxi driver and parks outside the room salon. Kyung-ja ends up taking Yu-mi as her passenger and knocks her out with a taser.

She takes Yu-mi to an abandoned location and decides to kill her. Yu-mi pleads with Kyung-ja and promises that she’s not Mask Girl or the person that killed her son. The episode ends with the girl claiming that she’s actually Kim Chun-ae, and the person Kyung-ja is looking for could be her colleague.

The Episode Review

While this episode was meant to make viewers see the love and dedication of a mother, it’s hard not to get weirded out by Kyung-ja. She seems like the person who is more concerned about status and public image, treating Oh-nam badly. She is the same person who scolded him on his birthday.

The episode shows her journey as a mother after discovering that her son has been murdered. Now that she is certain that Mo-mi is Mask Girl and is chasing after her, it is possible that there are more twists to this show in the future. With 4 more episodes left before this season comes to an end, it’s anyone’s guess what’s next for our characters!

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