Mask Girl – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Ju Oh-nam

Episode 2 of Mask Girl starts from office worker Ju Oh-nam’s perspective. Oh-nam narrates how he was a healthy and chubby child right from middle school and was bullied because of his looks all his life. As he grew older, he decided to remain invisible and disappear from the world in order to avoid being bullied.

During his time of loneliness, Oh-nam resorted to watching animated porn and slowly got addicted to it. Oh-nam was so addicted that he had a life-sized figurine of his favourite animated porn star. Oh-nam had a strained relationship with his mother who really wanted them to be a doctor.

After years of hiding away, Oh-nam perfected the art of avoiding eye contact. He was also good at memorising hands. During one such interaction with Mo-mi at work, Oh-nam notices the beauty spots on Mo-mi’s hands and her nail art, making the connection that Mo-mi was Mask Girl.

After work, Oh-nam dedicated his time and money to online live streams, especially Mo-mi’s. As a result, he became even more attracted to her than before. He watched Mo-mi swoon over Mr Park and grew concerned. However, he is over the moon when he sees Mr Park and A-reum hooking up at the office.

Later that night, he watches Mo-mi get naked on camera and is disgusted by her. He decides to confess his feelings for her, believing that she too would reciprocate his feelings after learning that he was her #1 fan, Once Upon A Prince. However, he is faced with reality and is not able to bring up a conversation with her.

Outside the office, he notices Mo-mi and Mr Park get in a cab and go to a motel after work. He is moved by the incident and sends Mo-mi her nude photo to scare her off. That night on a private chat, Mo-mi asks Oh-nam to meet her in person but he fails to respond in time.

Mo-mi then asks another fan to meet her and wears a dust mask to meet user Handsome Monk. During their date, Mo-mi decides to keep her mask on but the guy convinces her to take it off. Handsome Monk does not find Mo-mi ugly which gives her the confidence to have some drinks with him.

Handsome Monk asks Mo-mi to go somewhere less noisy for more drinks. However, this is all a ruse and Handsome Monk updates his fellow friends via Twitter, claiming Mask Girl (Mo-mi) is way uglier than he had imagined. He promises fellow fans that he’ll share a photo of Mo-mi after getting her drunk.

He convinces Mo-mi to go to the motel with her and pays for the room and drinks in order to trap her. Oh-nam reads the tweets and is worried for Mo-mi. He tries to reach out to her but she does not respond to his calls. Oh-nam rushes to the area where he thinks they’re at and looks around to help Mo-mi.

Meanwhile, Handsome Monk starts forcing Mo-mi to drink and gets frisky with her. Mo-mi tries to shut him down but he gets aggressive with her. The room has a water bed and the two get on it. Mo-mi tries to fight Handsome Monk while he tries to force himself onto her.

During their fight, Handsome Monk slips off the bed and hits his head on a marble counter. He starts bleeding and Mo-mi is scared. She tries to use her phone and notices Oh-nam’s calls. She gives Oh-nam the address to her room, while he claims that h’ll help take care of the dead body for her.

Oh-nam asks Mo-mi to refrain from reporting the incident in order to avoid going to jail. As Oh-nam tries to chop Handsome Monk’s body up to fit in a suitcase, he notices that the man is not dead but just unconscious. He is shocked and stabs him with the knife in his hand, killing him instantly.

Oh-nam is scared by his actions and cleans up the motel room before taking the body to his apartment. Mo-mi, on the other hand, stops going to work after feeling scared by her actions. Her colleagues learn that Mo-mi has quit her job. Oh-nam takes Mo-mi’s address from HR and goes to visit her. He tries his best to get in touch but is unfortunately not able to.

Mo-mi shocks her fans when she reveals that she will be having one last broadcast as Mask Girl. Oh-nam rushes to Mo-mi’s apartment and bangs on her door. She is prompted to open the door for him. Inside the apartment, Oh-nam finds out that she has packed up everything and decided to flee.

Mo-mi is wearing her mask even in front of Oh-nam as he tries to convince her to stay back. Mo-mi reveals that she’s aware that the person that sent her the nude photo to blackmail her was Oh-nam. She starts sobbing when Oh-nam admits he was trying to protect her.

Mo-mi tells him that she’s going to start afresh soon and asks him to leave. Worried that she’ll forget him too, Oh-nam pins Mo-mi to the bed and rapes her. He justifies it by saying he’s protecting Mo-mi, and is shocked to see that Mo-mi has gotten plastic surgery all over her face.

The episode ends with Mo-mi having sex with Oh-nam before stabbing him mid-coitus, killing him instantly.

The Episode Review

This episode was a jaw-dropper and it’s really creepy how Oh-nam started off as the hero and the knight in shining armour for Mo-mi but ended up being a creep who does not understand consent and thinks that blackmailing someone is okay. Had Mo-mi reported the incident with Handsome Monk to the cops, she would have been able to save his life in time.

She also would not have the guilt of killing someone and it is obvious how Oh-nam let her believe that she was in the wrong for killing someone when it was he who had killed the man. The rape scene was extremely uncomfortable to watch as Mo-mi lay lifeless on the bed while initially letting Oh-nam have his way with her.

This episode sets the rest of the show up into pure thriller territory, generating the right amount of curiosity and prompting fans to stay glued to their screens. 

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