Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Finn Ames and The Friend

Episode 5 of Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 starts with the narrator sharing intel about this world’s special wands called Master Canes. Then, we follow Finn as he traverses through “The Life Crystal” exam portion’s battlefield. Finn notices Carpaccio confronting someone from an opposing team and crushing their Life Crystal. 

Finn tries concealing his presence so Carpaccio doesn’t detect him. However, this plan fails, resulting in Carpaccio confronting Finn. Carpaccio belittles Finn and orders him to hand over his Life Crystal to him. Finn doesn’t budge so Carpaccio stabs him and says Finn will end up like his previous victim if he refuses to comply. 

We cut to Macaron thinking about the competition’s remaining participants from Mash to Carpaccio. Meanwhile, Finn casts a location-switcheroo type of spell to get Carpaccio off his trail. Somehow Carpaccio reaches Finn and injures one of Finn’s legs. Carpaccio stabs himself and we learn through the exam’s audience that he’s using some type of voodoo magic on Finn.

Finn attempts to combat Carpaccio’s magic, but he’s inefficient in doing so. Before Carpaccio kills Finn, Mash arrives and temporarily stops him. However, Mash realizes he got injured in the exchange. Carpaccio reveals he can’t experience pain and shows off his Master Cane. Mash punches Carpaccio again but Mash receives the damage he dealt to Carpaccio in return. 

Carpaccio reveals his magic transfers damage he takes back to his opponent. Moreover, all the pain he takes gets absorbed into his Master Cane and he mentions he can’t control it. As much as Carpaccio wishes he could experience pain, he argues Mash is incapable of helping him achieve that dream. 

While Mash fails to harm Carpaccio, Carpaccio criticizes Mash and Finn more. Mash stands up for Finn and praises him for his efforts. Mash consecutively attacks Carpaccio with more punches and this miraculously penetrates through Capraccio’s protective capabilities. Carpaccio’s Goddess Statue, which is a part of his abilities, becomes enraged by Mash’s blows. 

His Goddess Statue transforms and Carpaccio mentions it’s becoming more defensive. The Goddess Statue starts throwing large syringes at Mash, but Mash dodges each one with ease, impressing Carpaccio. Mash takes out the wand he obtained from an episode prior and turns it into a tennis racket. 

Along with an iron ball, Mash starts attacking the Goddess Statue’s area he cracked earlier. Everyone from Carpaccio and the audience marvels at Mash’s strange attacking method. Mash defeats the Goddess Statue and knocks Carpaccio out with his tennis racket. Mash thanks Finn for supporting him. 

As for Carpaccio, he’s bewildered by the concept of pain and what it feels like. Carpaccio compares his current pain to what Finn dealt with earlier. The episode closes with him realizing that he was outmatched in this bout. 

The Episode Review

The next phase of the Divine Visionary Candidate Exam is underway, and considering how things concluded with the first phase, many folks were cautious about Finn’s ability to protect the Life Crystal from danger. Fortunately, fans didn’t have to wait too long to see this fearful boy get into trouble with another contestant. 

Having said that, the previous episode built Carpaccio up as a formidable opponent for Mash and his allies. Many will feel this episode delivered on the minimal development he received in that chapter. Although some tidbits in this chapter felt overly convenient, Carpaccio’s Master Cane abilities were fascinating to see. 

Additionally, this episode gave Finn time to shine, something the previous season failed to do. While Mash had to lend Finn a helping hand, it was compelling seeing him catch this voodoo sorcerer off-guard through sheer trickery alone. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Finn triumph over a future opponent in a physical sense though. 

On top of having your typical exaggerated humor and fun action sequences, this was an enjoyable chapter of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. I’m excited to see how our heroes plan to overcome this “Life Crystal” endeavor. 

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