Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Mash Burnedead and the Brawny Balloon

Episode 4 of Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 starts with the Divine Visionary exam proctor going over the Deadervant Haunt’s rules to the participants and crowd. The participants must locate keys and avoid conflict with the haunt’s three Deadervants. Mash, Lance, and the other participants get transported to the haunt’s locale and start searching for the keys. 

One of the participants tries using magic to defeat a Deadervant. However, the proctor says they’re immune to magic, and getting chopped up by the Deadervant’s weapons will result in failure and pain. The participant from earlier gets sent back to the arena, meaning 11 candidates remain. 

Lance and the other participants complain, but the proctor suggests they focus their efforts on fleeing and searching. However, Mash is unfazed by it all and uses his strength to weaken one of the Deadervants. This surprises the crowd, the proctor, and the failed participant. Suddenly, the Deadervant gets up. We learn from the proctor that they can heal instantly because they’re phantoms. 

Learning this, Mash flees from the Deadervant and hopes to find a key. Fortunately, an exam participant named Max uses a shrinking spell on Mash to help him avoid danger. Max uses another spell to revert him and Mash to normal size. Mash thanks Max for saving him despite this being an exam. When Max asks Mash to form an alliance with him, Mash accepts.  

Max suggests they follow the Deadervants to secure a key. Mash and Max find a bladder and Mash touches it, causing it to make an irritating inflating sound. He and Max flee the scene to avoid elimination. Mash and Max execute several plans that don’t work out. However, they land on a successful one that involves Max using his resizing magic abilities and Mash’s air-breakdancing technique.

After popping the bladder and securing the key, Max and Mash retreat somewhere. We receive a montage of Lance, Dot, and other participants securing keys. Dot stumbles upon Finn and offers to help him get a key. Meanwhile, Mash offers Max the key they secured but Max suggests Mash keep it and head for the exit. Max promises Mash he can get another key for himself. 

Mash departs. An Orca dorm member named Carpaccio Luo-yang attacks Max. The two plan to brawl. Later, we see several exam participants return to the exam battlefield from Macaron to Mash. Mash confronts his buddies and learns about their experiences during the Deadervant Haunt. 

Luo-yang and Max return, but Luo-yang secures the ninth and final spot for the exam’s next phase. Luo-yang calls Max weak and steps on him, resulting in Mash getting involved. A girl hands Luo-yang a drink and Luo-yang splashes it on Mash. Fortunately, Mash secures the liquid and makes a protein shake out of it. 

Before matters get hasty between the two, the proctor announces the next exam’s phase called “The Life Crystal.” For this phase, there are three groups and each group must protect their batch of crystals from getting destroyed by opposing teams. If all their crystals are broken, they’re disqualified.

Finn shows no concern at first, but this changes when Mash and Dot accidentally break their crystals. The proctor sends all the participants to different locations on the battlefield. The episode closes with Finn letting out his frustrations over this phase’s regulations. 

The Episode Review

The Divine Visionary Exam is underway and this was a haunting and amusing way to kick it off. Compared to Frieren’s first-class mage exam, this anime’s magic-based exam’s first phase should provide audiences with a few laughs and a smidge of intrigue. Macaron was already an interesting Orca dorm member to follow, but it appears he isn’t the only one fans should keep on their radar. 

While we only received minuscule intel concerning Luo-yang’s character, he’ll certainly be a challenger worth examining. Having said that, it’s unfortunate that Max bit the bucket this soon. However, it was nice to see him lend Mash proper aid with the Deadervants. The exam phase, while spooky and unique, should’ve been a bit more challenging though. 

Nevertheless, it’s always a joy seeing Mash utilize his sheer athleticism to overcome magic-themed hurdles. By and large, this was a silly and fun episode of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. Like the previous phase, this “Life Crystal” exhibition evokes strong video-game-like energy, especially for those who’ve played their share of multiplayer party games. I’m thrilled to see how Finn, Mash, and Dot plan to keep their remaining crystal safe. 

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