Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Mash Burnedead and The Home Visit

Episode 2 of Mashle: Magic and Muscles season 2 starts with Orter telling Wahlberg that Mash must be punished for hiding his “Lackmagic” identity. Wahlberg requests Orter and the Divine Visionaries to hold off on Mash’s sentencing because Mash will help them obtain intel on Innocent Zero. After Ryoh informs Mash about Wahlberg’s history with Innocent Zero, Orter’s deadset on murdering Mash.

Wahlberg bows before the Divine Visionaries and gives them genuine reasons why they shouldn’t punish Mash. Rayne announces his support for Wahlberg and Mash. While some Divine Visionaries understand Wahlberg and Rayne’s stance on the matter, Orter says they must uphold their academy’s regulations and shouldn’t let their emotions take priority. The vice director intervenes and uses Mash’s heroic efforts to save him as an example of why the Divine Visionaries should delay his sentencing. 

Orter finally concedes but lists several stipulations Mash must follow from acting as a pawn to becoming this year’s Divine Visionary candidate. Mash accepts Orter’s wishes and promises he’ll defeat Innocent Zero with his fist. Mash returns to his dorm room and informs Lance, Dot, and Finn about what happened. Dot suggests they explore the town for fun purposes. The crew meets in town and partakes in a hilarious koala dart game.

Then, Lance asks Mash if they can visit a shop so he can pick up a new wand. Lance addresses the upcoming Divine Visionary Selection Exam and warns Mash he won’t be going easy on him. At the shop, our boys meet its owner, who bestows them with great wisdom concerning wands and one’s magical prowess. Lance and Finn demonstrate the gauging process in front of Dot and Mash. Despite lacking magic, Mash gives it a shot. 

Mash notices a peculiar wand on the ground. The shop owner says no one’s been able to lift this wand physically or magically for centuries. Mash easily lifts the wand from the ground, surprising the shop owner. The narrator states Lance decided against purchasing a wand for himself. Our crew leaves the shop and encounters Lemon and Tom. After spending quality time with their friends, we cut to several days into the future. 

Mash notes they have seven gold coins in their possession. Lance says they should be ready to tackle the selection exam. Mash tells his friends he wants to visit his home before the exams begin. We cut to Orter relaying intel about Wahlberg’s choice to Macaron (Orca Dorm’s prefect). Orter isn’t thrilled about Mash’s delayed sentencing and plots to stop Mash from participating in the exam. He convinces Macaron to assist him with his plan by informing him that Mash defeated Abel without magic. 

At home, Regro showers his adoptive son with love. Then, Dot and the others arrive, and Regro’s taken aback that Mash made friends. Dot and Lance present Regro with gifts. Regro watches Mash play with Dot, Lemon, and Lance while discussing matters with Finn. Regro’s happy to see Mash hanging out with people other than himself and hopes he can maintain these bonds he’s made since attending the academy. 

Meanwhile, Macaron and his goons attempt to harm Mash at his home. Rayne stops the trio in their tracks. The episode closes with Rayne planning to fight the three to protect Mash from harm. 

The Episode Review

Although the way Mash escaped the clutches of death may not vibe well with most audiences, this episode offers enough varied humor and joyful interactions to warrant one’s enjoyment. From Mash’s hilarious weight push-ups to Lance’s infatuation with his sister, fans will find it challenging not to laugh at the comedy on display in season 2’s second episode. 

Additionally, it’s hilarious and fitting to see Mash walk away with a wand that matches his strength. It’ll make you wonder if he’ll acquire other magic-themed artifacts that’ll represent his muscular prowess. While the resolution regarding Mash’s fate won’t sit well with most, it’s nice seeing Orter go against Wahlberg and the other’s wishes. 

It provides Mashle’s plot with great tension and will make Mash’s inevitable clash with this Divine Visionary satisfying. Macaron seems like a worthy opponent for Mash, so here’s hoping Rayne doesn’t instantly pummel him in episode 3. Overall, this was a fun episode of Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2. It had some questionable moments but gives fans enough wholesome and humorous antics to brighten their day. 

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