Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Mash Burnedead and The Puppet Master

Episode 8 of Mashle: Magic and Muscles begins with Lord Abel identifying Mash as the student from Adler Dorm with the gold coin. Mash tells Abel he wants to become a Divine Visionary to obtain a peaceful life with his family. Abel says Mash lacks the nerve to become one and shares what he plans to do with such a title. Abel plans to return this world to its true form, where the superior flourish and show no signs of care for the weak.

Mash unknowingly mocks Abel, but Abel’s willing to let it slide if he gives him his gold coin. Mash refuses, and he and Abel fight. Abel overwhelms Mash with one of his muscular puppets and snatches him a coin. Mash notices one of the puppets reverts back to Silva (the fellow who gave him issues in the previous episode). Mash says he’ll return for his coin another time and only cares about taking Silva to the nurse’s office. After Mash departs, Abel realizes the gold coin was actually a button from his muscular puppet’s clothing. One of his comrades explains how Mash pulled off the trick while Abel’s left stunned.

Meanwhile, Silva awakens from his unconscious state in the nurse’s office and wonders what happened. Silva catches Mash working out in the office and asks him why he took him to the office after what he did to him. Mash says he likes helping people in trouble and leaves. Meanwhile, Dot and Lance argue with each other in Finn’s room. Finn wants them to leave, but they ignore him and continue sharing their reasons for hating each other. Mash returns and asks Lance and Dot to take their battle outside.

Dot stops arguing and hands Finn a welcoming gift. Lemon enters Finn and Mash’s quarters and asks everyone to follow her to the Magic Scale. It’s a device that shows how many gold coins each dorm possesses. Lang Dorm has the most gold coins because they’ve been stealing them from other dorms. Without their dorm’s upperclassmen away on internships and the Orca dorm filled with geeks, they’re the only ones who can defeat them. Mash, Lance, and Dot are prepared to take Lang Dorm down.

Unfortunately, because of his past actions, Mash must complete some owl hut cleaning duties for a week. Fortunately, Lance vows to aid Mash with the task because he wants to protect Mash’s coin. Suddenly, two members of Lang Dorm named Olore and Anser attack Lance and Mash at the owl hut and are after his coin. Olore requests they battle each other, and the winner will receive the other’s gold coin. Olore takes Mash somewhere while Anser battles Lance.

As they fight, Anser realizes Lance is the eldest son of the Crown Family, who ran off for some reason. Anser discusses how he loves fighting people weaker than himself because it makes him feel superior. Lance puts Anser in his place and defeats him. Meanwhile, Mash fights Olore in his Sea Field. Olore transforms into a shark to make himself quicker and more dangerous than Mash. Unfortunately, Mash learns to swim and defeats Olore with his newly-learned swimming techniques.

Having defeated Olore and Anser, Mash and Lance feel like this will be a cakewalk. However, another member of Lang Dorm arrives to disprove their theory. Mash and Lance try to confront this individual, but they’re too fast for them. Fortunately, this person only came to retrieve Olore and Anser. The person flees but realizes Mash made a dent in their mask. The episode concludes with the person realizing Mash is incapable of magic like themselves.

The Episode Review

After a one-week break, many fans were curious how Mash would fair against Lord Abel and his cronies. While their confrontation wasn’t as immaculate or intense as Mash’s battle with Silva, it was nice seeing him pull one over on Lang Dorm’s proposed leader with the button switcharoo. Although Mash can come across as a dimwit sometimes, he can be a crafty individual.

The battle between Olore, Anser, Lance, and Mash was entertaining. While the action wasn’t spectacular, the humor surrounding the fight was enjoyable and will provide viewers with many fun laughs. From Lance fooling Anser to thinking he was weak to Mash utilizing swimming strokes to defeat Olore, these fights will remind fans of this series’ attempts to focus more on comedy.

Nevertheless, it’ll be intriguing to see what tricks this mysterious member of Lang Dorm has up their sleeves. Mash has fought many skilled mages and defeated them, but never someone like himself. It makes the anticipation going into their future bout exciting and worth speculating about until that battle occurs. Overall this was a fun episode of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. It sets up this new mini-arc regarding the battle between these two dorms nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next time.

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