Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Mash Burnedead and the Unpopular Classmate

Episode 5 of Mashle: Magic and Muscles begins with Finn telling Mash that earning five silver coins will earn him one gold coin. Finn reminds Mash that they need to get their potion assignment done first, and tries to get him back on track. Lance enters their room to taunt them since he completed his assignment.

Lance helps the two out after Mash reminds him of his sister. Lance pulls out some sentient vegetables (Mandragora) and teaches Mash and Finn a spell to keep them quiet. Finn gets the job done with Lance’s help, but Mash relies on his strength to silence his Mandragora.

Lance demonstrates how to cook and turn the Mandragora into a potion. Mash copies his routine but turns his concoction into a cream puff, baffling Finn. After failing during his second attempt, Mash promises Lance he’s not playing around.

Lance tells Mash he won’t lose to him in a fight again and has a secretive reason why he wants to join the Bureau of Magic. He promises he won’t let anybody take Mash’s coins. Meanwhile, members of the Lang class plan to swipe the Adler class’s coins since they fell they’re superior.

Mash and his friends head outside for class the next day. They stumble upon a student named Dot Barrett. Dot claims he’s the main character and deems Mash a side character. After seeing Lemon flirt with Mash, Dot becomes furious. Dot reveals he wants to join the Bureau of Magic to rid the world of good-looking men. Mash and his friends pay him no mind.

Their teacher tells the class to be quiet. He confirms the Adler class will be competing against the Lang class. They must exterminate several forest scorpions and bring the stones embedded in their foreheads. The winners will receive a bronze or silver coin depending on the type of scorpion they slay.

Someone from Lang’s dorm tries picking a fight with Mash before the event, but Lance holds Mash back. Lance and Mash head into the forest. Lance wants to work as a team with Mash, but Mash zoned out and was left behind. Dot bumps into Mash and causes a stir, so Mash slaps some sense into him.

Dot helps a female student take care of a rowdy male student. At the same time, the student who bullied Mash defeats a few scorpions. The girl uses her magic to make Dot fall in love with her. The female student tries using her magic on Mash, but it’s ineffective. The girl gives up on Mash and focuses on Dot.

She tells Dot that Silva, the student who bullied Mash, has taken advantage of her magic and is stalking her. Silva arrives. He gets into a magic duel with Dot. Meanwhile, Finn and Lemon cling to Lance somewhere in the forest. Silva protects himself from Dot’s fire magic with his stone magic. He attacks Dot and knocks Mash’s cream puff to the ground. The episode closes with Silva laughing at Dot.

The Episode Review

Based on the anime’s opening cinematic, it’s obvious Dot would be another ally for fans to look forward to. He’ll remind many folks of other woman-loving shonen characters like Sanji from One Piece. Unlike Sanji, Dot doesn’t seem to have the best fighting power (as far as this battle with Silva goes). Nevertheless, he’s an amusing character with a ton of potential for growth in the future.

On the other hand, it appears tension is brewing between the Adler and Lang classes in this show. There’s no doubt that the girl accompanying Mash and Dot is a part of that class. As to why she’d want to throw Silva under the bus is unknown though. Nevertheless, it’d be wise for Mash and Dot to keep their eye on her and their coins since there’s a chance she’ll swipe them during this battle.

It builds up a potentially great subplot between the Adler and Lang classes while introducing folks to a character with amusing traits. It’s obvious Mash will put Silva in his place since he tampered with his delectable dessert. I’m looking forward to seeing Mash give Silva the beating of a lifetime for his crude actions and behavior.

The comedy in this chapter was excellent. There was a nice mix of slapstick, deadpan humor, jokes, and exaggerated facial expressions to get anyone laughing. From Mash slapping Mandragora and Dot to Dot’s tangent about not having girls flock to him, there’s enough comedy variety here to please multiple audiences. Overall, this was a fun episode of Mashle: Magic and Muscles.

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