Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Mash Burnedead and the Divine Visionary

Episode 10 of Mashle: Magic and Muscles begins with Milo letting Love fight Finn and Dot alone. Love asks the boys numerous times if they think she’s cute. If they think otherwise, she plans to destroy them. Dot says he has interests in a different girl, so Love continuously attacks him. While Dot’s struggling to fight Love, she informs them that Milo will turn specific people who opened the door to stone.

Love warns Dot and Finn if they don’t defeat her or Milo in 30 minutes, Mash will turn into a statue. In a flashback, Dot recalls when his sister motivated him to stand up for himself. With this memory, Dot awakens his Ira Kreuz, a mark that’ll amplify his powers to cross a specific threshold when his emotions spike. Love surrenders due to Dot’s might, enticing Milo to jump back into the fight. He tries hurting Finn with his stone creature, but Dot sacrifices himself to avoid Finn getting hurt. Dot realizes Milo gave up on his petrification spell to fight them instead.

Suddenly, the Divine Visionary and Adler Dorm’s ace, Rayne Ames, arrives and makes short work of Milo. Rayne starts beating Milo senselessly to get details out of him while Love switches sides and joins Adler Dorm. Rayne tells Dot and Finn to get out while Dot’s confused about why Rayne’s here in the first place. Afterwards, Rayne walks somewhere and looks for Innocent Zero’s pawns. He runs into Mash and thinks he’s one of the pawns. Rayne summons an Arachnabus that’ll judge Mash’s magic power levels to see if he’s an ordinary user or someone dangerous.

After defending himself from Rayne’s partisan magic, the spider learns Mash has zero-magic capabilities. After guarding himself from Rayne’s other attacks, Rayne asks Mash for his name. He recalls Walhberg’s words about a unique student he wanted Rayne to look after and realizes it’s Mash. Rayne apologizes to Mash and hands him a magic kerchief that will heal his wounds. He warns Mash about Lord Abel and says without magic he’ll be toast. Rayne tells Mash to give it everything he’s got to become a Divine Visionary candidate and leaves to continue his Innocent Zero mission.

The episode closes with Mash visiting Lord Abel.

The Episode Review

It appears Mash will be going another round with Lord Abel in next week’s episode of Mashle: Magic and Muscles. It’ll be exciting to see a fleshed-out battle between the two since their first encounter was brief. Considering Mash managed to defend himself against the Divine Visionary’s magical capabilities, many will assume he has what it takes to defend himself against Abel’s capabilities.

Nevertheless, we should anticipate a great duel between the two. As for the episode, it had some fun humor and action sequences. Although it’s a bummer Finn didn’t do much in the battle, knowing that he’s Rayne’s younger brother gives him some potential to grow over the course of the series. Hopefully, the anime puts him in a situation where he’ll be forced to fight by himself to make it happen.

Also, it would’ve been great if the anime hinted toward Dot’s dormant Ira Kreuz ability earlier in the season. It would make his triumph over Love feel more authentic and less convenient. Nevertheless, it was great to see Dot stand up for himself in this fight like in the prior fight he had with Magia Lupus’s mages. I’m excited to see where his character grows from this point forward.

Overall, this was a humorous chapter of the anime that gives us more development for one of its supporting cast members and properly introduces us to the current Divine Visionary. With two episodes left, it appears the anime will focus its attention on Mash’s fight with Lord Abel. Whether Dot, Lance, or Finn show up to assist him in the battle is unknown. Nevertheless, it’s looking to be a great battle fans won’t want to miss.

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