Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Suit Up!

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Episode 2 begins with family movie time, where Dad introduces the movie he made. Luella gets anxious about feeling powerless and ends up creating a ruckus. Mom takes her away to find out what’s wrong and learns it has been her hectic adventures. They contemplate telling the family about their moon girl identities.

Luella asks for a new suit, and her mother recommends they check with her friends in the business. They take the train across the country. Devil Dinosaur also makes his way with them. Upon reaching their destination, Mimi reunites with her friends.

They then enter the lab to build a suit. The duo begins to add new features to Luella’s suit, and she tests them one at a time. During testing, Luella constantly gets flashbacks of the fight against Molecule Man and is extremely paranoid that the suit isn’t good enough.

Due to this, she displays distrust in the suit and constantly asks for upgrades. It reaches a point where it is visible she is trying to overcompensate with armor and weapons, making the suit even more inconvenient. Merle and Matsuye find it strange. They then call it a day.

Later that evening, Mimi notices that Luella is anxious about something. She reassures her that it doesn’t need any more enhancements to her suit and that she should trust herself more. She uses the analogy of a bird sitting on a branch to make her point.
Still feeling anxious, Luella asks Devil Dinosaur to distract the ladies while she takes the suit on another test run. As she tests the suit, a scorpion enters the lab, and she accidentally uses the device to enlarge it.

The Scorpion makes it out of the lab and heads towards the city, endangering the citizens. The group chases it, however, they are unable to bring it under control. The scorpion hops onto a missing train, and Luella follows it onto the train. They begin to brawl on the train, and it ends up with them falling off. Luella’s suit gets severely damaged, and she exits it.

She relies on her skills to brawl with the giant scorpion and claims victory. Following that, the Hot Tomatoes are pleased with her victory, and they complete building her suit after alterations at the end of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Episode 2.

The Episode Review

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Episode 2 showcases Luella trying to cope with the traumatic experience she had with Molecule Man. The thought of powerlessness and inability to control her circumstances throws her into a frenzy, trying everything she can to escape it.

This manifests itself in how she tries to overcompensate by unreasonably buffing up her fighting suit to the point where it restricts her mobility and flexibility. The episode sends out a good message with how Mimi advises her to cope with the situation. Mimi advises her to believe in and rely on herself, just as a bird trusts its own wings in case the branch snaps.

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