Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Great Beyond-er!

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2 Episode 1 begins with Luella entering the portal as she and Mimi need to be on opposite sides to shut it down. Once they shut the portal, Luella finds herself on an interdimensional highway with strange objects and creatures. Just then, Beyonder arrives and gets her out of there as per her request.

When she regains consciousness, she finds herself on a strange planet and asks Beyonder to take her home. Unfortunately, Beyonder realizes his powers aren’t working. Luella realizes they can use a black hole if she finds something that can travel at the speed of light. She leaves to look for parts as Beyonder refuses to help her. Just then, one of Beyonder’s old enemies comes up to him and threatens him.

Beyonder gets a beating as he is unable to use his powers. He agrees to help Luella if she helps him. As they make their journey, multiple enemies show up for Beyonder, and Luella helps him fight them. After defeating them, Beyonder feels thirsty, and they head into a shop to get juice. Three of his enemies enter, but the two tip-toe out of there.

Leaving there, they get attacked by a Devil Girl and Moon Dinosaur. Luella saves Beyonder once again. They then reach a cave, and Luella begins to build their ship. She notices Beyonder is low and teaches him to plait his hair to cheer him up. He then falls asleep, and shortly after, she does too.

The next morning they drag the ship outside closer to the black hole and get ready for takeoff. Unfortunately, as they take off, their ship bumps into Molecule Man, and they’re knocked back down. Molecule Man explains that Beyonder had unknowingly destroyed his entire planet during a match of intergalactic golf.

Molecule Man begins to attack them. Luella fights him while Beyonder fixes the ship, but she is unable to keep up. Molecule Man corners Luella, and right before he can land the final blow, he is unable to.

Beyonder reveals that he has pickpocketed the wand and teaches Molecule Man a lesson. He also unblocks powers on the planet so he can use them. They hop onto the ship and make it into the black hole. He leaves Luella back there.

Reaching them, Mimi, Casey, and Devil Dinosaur are thrilled to see her at the end of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2 Episode 1.

The Episode Review

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Season 2 Episode 1 dives into a reverting interdimensional escapade with Luella and Beyonder. The duo find themselves trapped on a distant planet with no way to go home. They then face several challenges together.

The episode is nothing but the duo running from place to place and encountering foes to fight and run from. The episode is kept lively and entertaining with a fast-paced story progression and tons of action. However, the storyline of the episode lacks depth and is quite shallow. The moral lessons taught are very subtle and might even go unnoticed.


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