The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season 5 Episode 7 Recap & Review

A House Full of Extremely Lame Horses

In The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Episode 7, Rose plans an event for her matchmaking businesses. Later, in 1973, she’s still a matchmaker and films a commercial with support from Midge.

In the present, Janusz is unhappy with how often Zelda heeds the Maisels’ every beck and call. They never learned how to do anything for themselves, so Zelda continues helping despite not working for them anymore.

Abe visits Ethan at school, where all the students are devoting time to subjects they’re especially gifted in. It shocks Abe that Ethan is in the “happy” group, excelling the most at being happy.

We go back to 1954 to see Abe toast Joel for his marriage to Miriam. During their drink, Abe tells Joel that firstborn Weissman boys are gifted with incredible intellect that kicks in at the age of 6. He should expect his and Miriam’s future son to be a genius. But the child will need to be totally ignored by Joel until he turns 6. Abe did the same with Noah.

In the present day, Abe argues with the family that it’s a bad thing for Ethan to be so happy. Geniuses simply aren’t joyful. He then picks a fight with Joel over talking to Ethan in spite of his specific instructions.

At the office, Midge and the other writers come up with material for comedian Danny Stevens when he promotes his new book on the show. Midge suggests he just talk about his life, as that’s what he’s written about. But he’s not sold on the idea until he gets in front of the camera. 

The stories of his life go over well with the crowd. Danny ends up appreciating Midge’s advice so much that he offers her a job as a writer on a sitcom he’s working on. It angers Gordon that he’d try to poach his writer, and he accuses Danny of wanting more from Midge than her talent.

Meanwhile, Susie talks to Mike after a game of poker. She learns from him that Jack Paar’s booker is looking for new talent, and Mike got Midge into a showcase. He doesn’t think he could get Gordon to change the rule about his employees getting on the show, but a Jack Paar appearance would be the next best thing. Still, Susie is barely able to convince a begrudging Midge to shift her focus to Paar.

Midge learns she’s getting a raise, so she pays a visit to Gordon’s office. He tells her he had to bid against Danny Stevens to keep her as a writer. She then tells him she’s going to do a showcase for Jack Paar. She tries to get Gordon to book her first, but he’s stonily resolved to comply with his rule.

Midge does the showcase and does incredible. But the booker isn’t interested in Midge; he wants to book Susie’s other client, James Howard. Susie refuses to talk about James, but Midge steps in and tells her she should book him. She shouldn’t hurt James for Midge’s sake.

Susie tries to get James to refuse the gig, believing it should go to Midge. But if she doesn’t book him, he’ll find someone else who will.

Fast forward to 1973, when Susie visits the site of Rose’s matchmaking commercial. Midge’s accountant advises her that she’s spending too much money to help Rose’s business. He thinks they should close the place and have her just pay Rose’s salary. But Midge knows it’s not about the money for Rose. It will stay open as long as Rose needs. Because “that’s all I can do for her in the brief time she’s got left,” Midge says.

In the present day, Rose tells Midge her event plans fell through. She knows Midge doesn’t care, however. She thinks her business is frivolous. But Midge has other things on her mind. She slams the bathroom door and throws a container on the ground, causing it to shatter.

Abe checks on Miriam, hearing her crying. But the sound of someone masterfully playing the piano distracts him. He goes to the source of the music, thinking he’s going to find Ethan. But it’s Esther who sits at the piano.

The Episode Review

I have so many mixed feelings for an episode that circles back to focus on Miriam’s children. I remember, in Esther’s therapy session from the first episode, the college student commenting that the only person she could really talk to was her grandfather. It signifies a lot for Abe’s growth. It shows that, unlike with Miriam, he eventually took notice of Esther and fostered her talent. 

What’s very sad, however, is the implication that everyone (including Abe) unknowingly followed Abe’s advice where Esther was concerned. They totally ignored her. If that bizarre reason is truly how Maisels become geniuses, it’s no wonder that Esther grew up to be so intelligent.

Both Maisel children will have to swim against the current to defy the expectations for their gender: Ethan, to be simply humble and happy, and Esther, to flourish (like her mother) in a male-dominated field. I hope the show continues to explore the children as important characters. We’ve seen so many scenes of the kids simply sitting in front of the television set, unattended to. Now it’s time to explore the consequences of that.

As we get closer to the end of the series, it seems episodes will become more emotionally wrought. Here, we see Midge’s frustration building and her hopes of ever getting recognized dangling by a thread. If only she knew the success she’s going to find! But the future doesn’t always hold happy prospects, as we see for Rose. I don’t know what Midge meant by “the brief time she’s got left.” But I have a hunch she meant something to do with Rose’s presence of mind.

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  1. What? Not a word about Hank Azaria’s amazing performance as Danny (Thomas) Stevens???? The singing at the end of the episode? I see Emmy award for Guest performance.

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