Marry My Husband – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Ji-won Makes New Friends

Marry My Husband Episode 2 starts with Ji-won in a coffee shop, watching someone steal another person’s coffee. She decides that someone needs to steal her fate. At work, she reaffirms that this ‘someone’ needs to be Soo-min. They get in the elevator and Ji-hyuk suddenly enters. As the manager makes crass comments about women being terrible workers, Ji-hyuk puts a stop to it.

He asks Ji-won to step aside with him for a minute and then tells her to drink her coffee in peace. She then shows him the note her father gave her and tells him she’s not quitting the company, she’s going to try harder. He’s about to make weekend plans with her when Soo-min arrives and says they already have plans to go to a BBQ restaurant.

Back in his office, Ji-hyuk looks up Ji-won’s high school. He calls the BBQ restaurant and confirms that the high school reunion is happening on the same day. He calls a friend named Dong-suk and asks him to find someone.

Ji-won gives Ji-hyuk pain relief pills for his injury. After that, Min-hwan calls Ji-won aside and she pretends to want to get back together with him. He comes in for a kiss and luckily, Joo-ran enters just before anything can happen. As they leave, Joo-ran counsels Ji-won against unwanted physical intimacy from men.

At lunch, Soo-min wants to go out for Indian food but Ji-won doesn’t. In the previous life, Soo-min had tripped Ji-won in the cafeteria because she hadn’t got her way. This time, Ji-won avoids it and trips Soo-min herself. What’s more, she careens straight into Min-hwan.

Ji-won goes to the washroom where she helps a woman get a sanitary pad. The woman, a colleague named Hui-yeon, fawns over Ji-won. She ends up joining them for lunch. Soo-min offers to pay for Min-hwan’s shirt but he generously refuses.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyuk goes to meet a chef named Baek Eun-ho at a fancy restaurant. Taunts fly at the table in the cafeteria but it only brings Ji-won and Hui-yeon closer to each other. When they leave, Soo-min and Min-hwan are on their own. They even get pushed against each other in a crowded elevator where Soo-min begins to flirt with him.

During a meeting, the manager Kim Gyeong-uk, throws a fit when papers aren’t stapled properly. Soo-min sweet talks him into looking at her proposal. Later, Ji-won shows her proposal to Joo-ran. Soo-min sees this.

While getting a bite with Hui-yeon, Ji-won tells her about a high school reunion on the weekend. Hui-yeon convinces her to go and meet her first love. Back at work, Ji-won asks Ji-hyuk if he wanted her to come in to work on the weekend. He tells her to prioritise her own plans first.

Ji-won meets Yoo-ran and tries convincing her to work on the proposal with her. Ji-won says she will resubmit the proposal and once Yoo-ran sees that Gyeong-uk doesn’t actually read proposals, Yoo-ran will join her.

Meanwhile, Soo-min strategically waits outside the washroom so she can stumble into Manager Kim. She claims to have an idea that requires his help. He’s completely taken in with her flirting.

Ji-won takes a chance and resubmits her proposal to Gyeong-uk. The manager doesn’t realise it’s the same one she sent before, proving Ji-won right. Later, Yoo-ran agrees to join hands with Ji-won. Soo-min watches them chatting with Hui-yeon and snoops through the meal kit proposal on Ji-won’s desk. Soo-min goes out for a meal with Manager Gyeong-uk and flirts with him again. So much so that she convinces him to work with her on Ji-won’s meal kit idea.

Min-hwan is out bowling with his friends, where he describes Ji-won as boring but perfect wife material. Ji-won is still at work, feeling pretty optimistic about her new life. She finds a box of new earrings on her desk, as a gift from Soo-min for their reunion on the weekend.

A flashback shows that Soo-min lied to Ji-won about dining alone at the BBQ restaurant and forced her to attend the high school reunion. There she had an unpleasant experience with the girls who used to be her bully. This time, Ji-won doesn’t want to go.

At present, both Soo-min and Min-hwan text Ji-won that they are coming to her place. She decides to let them come and meet each other. While leaving work, Ji-hyuk spots Ji-won holding the earrings and informs her that the brand is a fake. Turns out, he did that last time as well but she’d passed it off as a rude comment.

Ji-won comes home to see Min-hwan’s already in the shower. Soo-min changes her mind and goes home instead. Ji-won finds herself confronted by Min-hwan, who’s all too ready to shed his towel and have sex with her at the end of Marry My Husband Episode 2.

The Episode Review

Marry My Husband Episode 2 Episode 2 dives deeper into Ji-won and Soo-min’s friendship and particularly into the latter’s character. Turns out, Soo-min has never been much of a friend and clearly thinks she’s a step above Ji-won. It’s almost like she’s doing Ji-won a favour by being her friend and Song Ha-yoon does a brilliant job portraying her fake affection and concern.

It is nice to see Ji-won make two new, genuine, friends and really live her new life to the fullest extent. Hui-yeon and Yoo-ran will probably become her true supporters, unlike Soo-min. Ji-hyuk continues to be a bit of an enigma but this much is clear — he knows something of the future. Could he be in the same situation as Ji-won? Or is it something else? Either way, the show is doing a good job of keeping things entertaining as well as interesting.   

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