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The Wedding

Marry My Husband Episode 11 picks back up with the steamy kiss between Ji-won and Ji-hyuk. But as they get deeper into it, Ji-hyuk recalls his own inevitable death in ten years. He breaks apart from her and tells her she’ll regret it. She says she won’t but he pulls her out of his apartment and closes the door.

The next day Ji-won comes to work but Ji-hyuk isn’t there. Meanwhile, Gyeong-uk continues to berate Joo-ran in front of everyone. Even though he isn’t a manager anymore. Later, Ji-won and Huo-yeon tell Joo-ran that she should make him aware that she’s his boss. Just then, Joo-ran gets another phone call from her husband, who insists she leave work early.

Ji-won then counsels her to not be so considerate of others all the time. Regarding Ji-hyuk, Joo-ran says he took a day off since he wasn’t feeling well.

At home, Ji-won makes hot porridge for Ji-hyuk and gets it to his door. He doesn’t open the door but when she hears a loud crash from inside, she uses his passcode and enters. She finds him on the floor, having seemingly fallen down.

But says he’s had his medicine. From what he says, Ji-won remembers the drunken conversation they had years ago — where she confessed to feeling like she was on a rocky boat and wanting solid land. She’s overwhelmed with the realisation.

For a change, Eun-ho finds Hui-yeon at his restaurant instead of Ji-hyuk. She gives him two tickets to a musical but is shocked to learn that Ji-won rejected him. Eun-ho still seems pretty cut up about it.

Ji-hyuk wakes up in the morning to find Ji-won sleeping next to him. She tells him about his confessions from the previous night and hugs him. She tells him they should be together anyway and regret it together if they need to. In response, he pulls her into a hug.

Ji-hyuk drops Ji-won off at work, although they enter separately. He later texts her and they decide to meet on the weekend. Min-hwan follows Ji-won and tells her to not treat him like he’s invisible, but she rebuffs him.

We then see Min-hwan and Su-min meet with his mother, Ja-ok. He lies to Ja-ok, saying that Su-min graduated from Hankuk University. Ja-ok seems to be impressed by all of Su-min’s sweet-talking. After Ja-ok leaves, Su-min tells Min-hwan off for lying but he brushes it off.

While driving, Ji-hyuk tells JI-won that Min-hwan has booked the Crown Wedding Hall for his wedding. Ji-won says it’s the worst place for a woman. Joo-ran then messages Ji-won with some good news. Her parents came out in support of her and told her husband to work at their restaurant since Joo-ran has been working and taking care of the house.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyuk and Ji-won head to the seaside, to a spot where she used to go during college. They eat at a gukbap restaurant where Ji-won shows Ji-hyuk, who grew up rich, how to eat it properly. Then they walk on the beach and Ji-hyuk kisses her again.

At work the next day, Gyeong-uk continues to be a nuisance and talks down to Joo-ran. On Ji-won’s encouragement, Joo-ran stands up to Gyeong-uk, giving him a good talking to. Afterwards, Min-hwan continues sucking up to Gyeong-uk.

The entire team goes out for drinks and dinner to celebrate Joo-ran’s promotion, hosted by her father at their restaurant. Ji-won grows emotional when she sees Joo-ran’s father being affectionate. She appreciates having Ji-hyuk by her side. Meanwhile, Seok-jun arrives at the restaurant and inadvertently catches Joo-ran’s husband having an affair.

Later on, Min-hwan, Su-min and Ja-ok go to see a house for them. Min-hwan realises that he has to live on rent, his mother refuses to buy him a house until they have been together for two years. Their honeymoon is to be domestic and Ja-ok picks a dress and makeup style that Su-min hates. She argues with Min-hwan but he blows her concerns off.

Ji-won then gets a wedding invitation from Su-min, which soon reaches the rest of the office as well through a company announcement. Min-hwan, who wanted to keep it a secret, is annoyed. He confronts Seok-jun, who says marriage announcements and compensation are normal. However, we realise that Ji-hyuk is involved when Seok-jun speaks with him.

Seok-jun has also shown Ji-hyuk’s grandfather photos of Ji-hyuk and Ji-won on their beach date. Seok-jun claims Ji-hyuk really looks happy. Later, Ji-hyuk and Ji-won cosy up at his house and both of them really look happy.  

Min-hwan comes home and rails at Su-min for sending the invite. Both Ja-ok and Su-min fight him back. Ja-ok seems really concerned about the baby. Meanwhile, Hui-yeon texts Ji-won and they agree to go to the wedding. She and Ji-hyuk continue to spend a lot of time together and brush hands with each other at work.

The day of the wedding arrives and Ji-hyuk presents Ji-won with the expensive necklace that Min-hwan had got Su-min. They head to the venue together, where an unsure Su-min tells herself she’s won. She takes pictures with her mother-in-law and then her own mother arrives. However, we learn that she’s a fake and has been hired to pretend to be Su-min’s mother.

Min-hwan welcomes his guests and soon, Ji-won walks in, looking snazzy and accompanied by the handsome Ji-hyuk. She gives Min-hwan, who is stunned by her appearance, an envelope. He opens it after she leaves and finds a legal notice inside, she’s suing him for the money he borrowed.

One strike down, Ji-won goes to meet Su-min. Su-min pretends she’s extremely happy but Ji-won isn’t having any of it. She thanks Su-min for picking up her trash and then throws down the pink bag Min-hwan bought her.

Su-min thinks over her words. Once again, she tells herself she won and enters the hall. As she walks down the aisle, we see parallels of the time Ji-won walked down the same aisle. The marriage takes place and Hui-yeon correctly wonders if Su-min hired a woman to play her mother. Su-min is confused since her mother is very much alive.

Eun-ho then turns up, having been invited by Su-min. However, he says there’s a problem. He showed the invite to Ye-ji and the other school bullies and we now see the three of them strut into the hall. Keen to take revenge on Su-min, they create a huge scene, completely embarrassing Su-min and her mother-in-law.

Afterwards, Ji-won and Ji-hyuk decide to take their leave and Eun-ho realises they’re together. Instead, he ends up having a meal with Hui-yeon. At the office, Seok-jun finds Joo-ran in the storeroom, crying this time. She confesses that she has stomach cancer.

Ji-hyuk and Ji-won come back home, holding hands and smiling. But they are faced by a woman who claims to be Ji-hyuk’s ex-fiancée at the end of Marry My Husband Episode 11.

The Episode Review

Marry My Husband Episode 11 is almost entirely fluff and romance and nobody is complaining about it. Ji-hyuk tries to push Ji-won away but luckily she finds her way back inside anyway. The pair look really good together and all the sweet scenes in the episodes make for a good balance to all of the intense drama from the previous episodes.

As the episode leads up to the wedding, there is definitely an air of tension. Will they really get married? With five more episodes to go, how could this be the end of Ji-won’s struggle? The tension is built up really well, culminating in a sigh when the marriage does go through. And then we learn about new obstacles, like Joo-ran’s cancer, which is the story’s new turning point.

Ji-won wouldn’t be okay with handing her suffering over to an innocent person, so how can she fix this? Another twist in the tale is the appearance of Ji-hyuk’s ex-fiancé. The rich boy’s fiancé tactic seems far too typical for a show like this but we’ll have to see where they take it from here.

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  2. Didn’t anyone else notice when My Lee was talk to the grandfather he said that Ji-Hyuk seem to be living life this time around? Are they time travelers also?

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