Marie Antoinette – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Rebel Queen

Episode 5 of Marie Antoinette begins with the dauphine’s mistress waking her up to fulfill her duties as Queen. Antoinette, on the other hand, is drowsily curtsying to the guests. Furthermore, when Antoinette is told that she must continue this routine for a year because the late king has died, she loses patience. She has a conversation with Louis and bends the rules.

She fires her mistress and gives her position to Lamballe. Meanwhile, the King is under pressure from all of his family members to reap the benefits of his position as King.

The King speaks with Beaumarchais and admits to him that he does not know how to reign. Beaumarchais then asks him if he has chosen a Prime Minister, to which he responds that he has not. Beaumarchais assures him that he is there to help. Meanwhile, the Queen is launching her style council with a ball. Lamballe attempts to reason with her, but the Queen is adamant.

Following the late King’s death, the King is sorting through files when he comes across a document in which he discovers that Provence had a hand in the late King’s doubt about whether or not to remove the Queen from the court. Furthermore, he discovers that the late King had a network of spies, with Beaumarchais in command.

As a result of all this, the King appoints Beaumarchais for himself. Thereafter, the Queen requests to speak with the King about the Prime Minister, and the King tells her that he will speak with her at night when he visits her.

The royal household is discussing how the Queen, rather than the King, is in charge. The family members request that Provence speak with the King about it. When Provence talks to the King about it, the King reveals that he found out about Provence’s hand in the matter with Lady Du Barry and the King dismisses Provence. Owing to his busy schedule, the King is unable to visit the Queen and sends her a letter informing her of this. As an apology, he also gifts her the Petit Trianon.

The Queen arrives at the Petit Trianon the following day and has a great time hanging out with her companions. Provence attempts to plant his wife as a spy in the Queen’s council, but his wife refuses to be his puppet and refuses to do so, which enrages him.

The Queen steals the show at the ball and refuses to acknowledge the King. The King believes the Queen is taking his place and is offended by her actions. He then walks away from the ball and records his thoughts in his diary. The Queen, on the other hand, keeps the show going.

To make matters worse, the Queen is being followed by someone who is publicizing false rumors about her using paper doves. When the King learns of the news, he pays a visit to the Queen. Because she has injured his pride, the King appears to be dismissing the Queen’s requests and sexual advances. Furthermore, their relationship appears to be worsening. Following that, the King instructs his spy to discover who is behind the paper doves.

The King is having conversations with the candidates running for Prime Minister. During dinner, the King declares that he will make the final decision and appoints an advisor. The fact that the King did not select the Prime Minister of the Queen’s choice enrages her. In a fit of rage, the Queen runs away to the Petit Tranon.

The King, on the other hand, orders her to return to the Palace. Meanwhile, the King discovers that Josephine is lying about her pregnancy and that Provence is intimately involved in her trickery.

The King pays a visit to the Queen to speak with her, and the Queen mocks him for not having sex with her. The Queen slaps the King after he tries to have sex with her without her consent. This strains their relationship even more, and the King considers divorcing the Queen. Furthermore, the news prompts the diplomat to contact and call the Queen’s mother there to rectify the situation.

The Episode Review

Following the death of the late King, Louis and Antoinette become King and Queen, and the plot is set in motion. The couple’s marital problems appear to be at an all-time high, and their marriage appears to be hanging by a thread, while conspirators plot against the Queen, who appears to have made enemies all around her.

The episode concludes with the diplomat contacting the Queen’s mother in order to resolve the conflict between the Queen and the King. The Queen’s mother appears to be the only ray of light.

According to various historical accounts, a conversation between the Queen’s mother and the King prompted them to have a child right away. It’ll be interesting to see how the show goes about with this narrative.

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