Marianne – Season 1 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The Final Fight

The season finale of Marianne begins right where it left off, with the priest violently trying to exorcise Emma. She manages to grab a gun and threatens the priest who reveals that he knows she is now Marianne. During this confrontation, she reveals the truth, to which the priest tells her that’s it’s too late since it’s now Tuesday and Marianne has what she wants – Emma. Still possessed, Emma then ends up shooting the priest.

We then flashback to Emma as a little girl in the woods, finding a hole in the ground where Marianne speaks to her for the first time. This is probably how the witch became attached to Emma in the first place.

Back in the present, Emma slowly makes her way down the stairs, followed by Marianne who leads her to a strange shed. She pushes it over and discovers the same hole from her childhood. She puts her ear to the hole and Marianne tells her to put her hand down. As she does so, she reaches the witch and pulls her out of her tomb. Removing her blindfold, Marianne takes her hand and tells her they need to go and it’s here she sees the dark man, her husband. We then see that when Marianne possess her victims, she takes them to a different dimension where she controls them.

After trying to escape the house, the priest is stopped by a possessed Emma who stabs him repeatedly where Aurore then arrives looking for Emma. After finding a gun, they play an unsettling game of hide and seek where she finally finds a possessed Emma behind the curtain. Unable to shoot her, she puts her necklace around Emma, stopping her in her tracks. We then switch back to the other dimension with Marianne walking on the cliff but now unable to hold onto Emma. The witch tells her to come with her to see all her friends and her mum but Emma knows she’s lying and will leave her by killing herself.

Back at the house, Aurore comes back and sees Emma with a looming Marianne hovering over her head, pointing a gun at herself. Aurore then rushes over to Emma to stop her from firing the gun. Meanwhile, the priest manages to crawl to Marianne’s tomb and pours petrol down the hole. He’s then grabbed by demons but after fighting them off, he’s finally able to set fire to it with him inside, killing Marianne in the process.

During the epilogue, we see Emma in hospital with Aurore watching over her. She asks her if she’s Marianne, which she replies she isn’t. Aurore tells her that Marianne is finally dead and once recovered, they go to see Camille and find out that she hasn’t talked since the incident.

In the morning, Emma takes Camille in her car, ready to go home where she asks her if Marianne took her to the “city”, but a traumatised Camille remains silent. She then heads to Seby to say goodbye and tells him that them making love the day before really helped her. However, he denies ever coming to see her. As she drives away, she has to stop multiple times to be sick. Camille goes to a chemist to give her a pregnancy test and, denying it at first, she finally takes it and shockingly sees that it is positive where we leave the episode, and series.

Marianne has definitely been a series that I will remember for a long time and I haven’t felt this uneasy since The Haunting Of Hill House. The acting and excellent story has been consistent throughout and I found myself feeling genuinely disturbed a number of times. One thing that can be quite difficult with horrors is nailing an ending and closing things out in a satisfying manner however Marianne’s ending is good enough to close the story out while leaving things open. It should be enough for people to use their imagination if a second season isn’t greenlit. It may not be the next Haunting Of Hill House, but it is a solid horror offering nonetheless, one that’s well worth a watch.


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