Marianne – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Penultimate Push For The Finale

Episode 7 of Marianne begins in February 1617 on a Tuesday, just like in the nursery rhyme, with a priest venturing inside Marianne’s tomb to burn her and the contract she made with the devil. However, Marianne’s face appears and this stops him from burning the body.

Back in the present inside the lighthouse, the four friends are still reeling over Ronan’s death. Suddenly, his body starts to hover and her spirit leaves its shell. The group try escaping the island and get separated as they encounter the dog who is now possessed, just like they planned. Emma tries to leave in the car but dog Marianne stops her, leading her to shoot the dog with a gun she found in the car.

We then switch to Seby and Aurore who run inside the school. As they reach the inside of a classroom, they see Lucie’s favourite toy which starts speaking and taunting them. Suddenly, Marianne, in the form of Lucie, appears to try tricking them and reveals to Aurore that Emma was there the day she died. Just as she is about to get them, they’re saved by Emma.

Nono heads down to the beach and has a vision of his brother Tonio, who tells him he’s not dead but a prisoner, pointing at the sea. He also explains that the only way to free him is for Emma to write and if she refuses, Marianne will take Aurore next.

The four friends are then reunited as Aurore looks to be next, thrown across the room. Both boys start panicking and insist that Emma start writing again, which she refuses to do as she believes they need to fight instead. Aurore confronts Emma about her presence during her sister’s death and Emma denies any responsibility, trying to explain what happened, but all her friends are turning against her. Nono tells them that he would rather be taken by the witch than all of his friends, which causes Marianne to appear and take him away to the top of the lighthouse, where the witch tells him his brother is no longer there but has drowned.

The next day, Emma decides to carry on writing her new novel as Seby is reunited with his baby boy. Later that night, Seby and Emma have a heart to heart which leads to them making love for the first time. The episode then ends the morning after with the priest visiting Emma and starting to perform an exorcism on her.

The penultimate episode of Marianne continues to deliver tense and disturbing moments. More revelations have come to light this episode too and this time, in the past, when the priest fails to burn her body, enabling her to be able to haunt the people of Elden for all those years. One of the show’s best qualities lies with its story and how its been told and in particular with each episode that has given us more revelations and closer to the expected final showdown with Marianne.

With all the pieces lined up for the finale and the friends’ numbers dwindling, a tough battle for Emma lies ahead and it’ll be interesting to see if the show will leave with an open ending ready for a second season or offer a satisfying conclusion to this twisted tale.


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