Marianne – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


The Possession

Episode 6 of Marianne begins with Ronan explaining that he has been going through all of Emma’s books and found horror passages that have become true in different countries of the world. Ronan thinks she shouldn’t write anymore but Seby disagrees and suggests that she should write about Marianne’s death in order to bring back his son. She decides to do that but falls asleep and has another horrifying nightmare.

After waking up, she decides to listen to Ronan instead. His plan is to go back to where it started at the lighthouse. They are soon joined by Nono, Seby and Aurore. Ronan then explains that he wants to call Marianne and trap her in the priest’s dog.

After watching the group failing to contact the witch’s spirit, we flash back to two days ago in the hospital. Emma’s dad, who is in the same room as an unconscious Camille, hears Marianne’s voice. The next day he sees Camille standing in front of him with a creepy smile. She then lays back down and inserts the breathing tube back into her mouth. We then forward to the same night as the ritual where the possessed Camille gets up and is about to stab the nurse. Suddenly, she stops and the spirit leaves her body when Ronan calls for the spirit of Marianne to appear.

Back at the lighthouse, Aurore and Nono have a funny heart to heart where she finally reveals her feelings for him. Aurore then decides to go and feed the dog, but finds that someone has freed him. She rushes in the room where everyone is sleeping and reveals that someone has let the dog escape. This leads them to realize that Marianne is possessing one of them. Ronan then reveals to the group that he is the one controlled by Marianne and that she will come and get each of them. Unfortunately, he takes his gun out and shoots himself in the head.

This episode ends on a big twist with Inspector Ronan’s death. Marianne has definitely got the upper hand on all our characters as she slowly manages to get rid of them one by one. There’s some more clever editing in this episode too. Ronan reads passages of the books to demonstrate that some have become true; this is done by showing us pages of the book with animated illustrations and news footage.

With only two episodes left, the pace has increased a bit as there is now a sense of urgency to defeat Marianne. This is also skillfully done with the episodes being slightly shorter too which plays into that idea. The friends will also probably start becoming suspicious of each other because at this point Marianne could possess any of them.

The actors have done a good job so far at portraying their characters and along with some good dialogue, it really makes them likable and empathetic. Unfortunately, whether all of them manage to escape Marianne’s evil clasp by the end remains to be seen.


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