Marianne – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Fleshing Out The Past

Episode 5 of Marianne begins in the past with Emma as a teenager, having more nightmares and waking up realizing she wet herself again. She then meets all her friends on her way to school and after talking to them about her recurring nightmares about Marianne, Caroline suggests that they use a ouija board to contact her spirit. That night, they decide to do just that in the lighthouse school.

As they sit in a circle, Emma starts seeing Marianne creeping behind the door. She suddenly appears next to her and possesses her, warning each of the friends of different misfortunes that will happen to them and, knowing the future, we see that what she predicted for them actually happen. The last warning is for Aurore; she will not leave empty handed. Scared and angry at Emma, Aurore leaves, refusing to believe that Emma was possessed.

The next day, Emma goes to see Lucie at the school with the plan to go home with her to speak to her sister. Lucie decides to play hide and seek and ends up being stuck in a chest freezer. However, the spirit of Marianne plays a trick and takes the form of Lucie in front of Emma, leading her away from the real little girl.
After seeing a drawing of Lucie in a freezer on the class blackboard, Emma rushes in and finds her frozen body, eyes wide open.

That night, Emma is haunted again by what looks like Lucie’s spirit but it turns into Marianne. The next day, she decides to confess to the priest. He actually believes everything she tells him and advises her to leave town in order to protect her loved ones. She refuses, telling him they won’t let her so he explains that the only way to do so is to hurt them. This then shows how she ended up spiraling out of control, rebelling and wrecking havoc around her. We see that she did all of it to protect everyone, including the hurtful article she wrote about her mother.

She finally leaves town even after Seby tries to come with her. Once out of town, she begins writing about everything in a notebook and starts telling stories about Lizzie and Marianne.

We then cut back to the present where Emma speaks to Ronan about finding a way to kill the evil witch, at which point Seby arrives to tell them that she stole his baby.

This episode acts as a backstory and spends the majority of it in the past. This was a nice diversion from the main plot and gives plenty of substance to the story as we finally find out what happened to Emma and her friends all those years ago.Marianne possessing Emma and predicting their future was a very tense and shocking scene to watch too and for me, one of the best scenes so far in the entire series.

So far Marianne has certainly been a tense and scary ride, one that I will definitely remember for a long time. With just three episode left, the ending is just around the corner and it’ll be interesting to see how this one will pan out and who around Emma will make it out alive.


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