Marianne – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Origin

Episode 4 of Marianne begins with the gang reunited to help Emma deal with her mother’s sudden death. Inspector Ronan also arrives and tells Emma that Mrs Daugeron has requested to speak to her. She apparently revealed that she’s not Marianne anymore and that she left her but took something with her instead – her eyes. Arriving at the police station, Emma meets with the now-blind old lady who explains that Marianne has been around for a very long time and that she is connected to Emma. She also warns her and tells her to do whatever Marianne wants.

The inspector and a couple of policemen go to Mrs Daugeron’s house and we finally see what is behind that strange door. They find her husband tied to a chair surrounded by the same skin pouches as before, but also with chunks of skin missing which were used to create the markers. He finds a book with strange writing, the same type found on the walls and on the scars of the victims. He takes it to his friend Pat who tells him it’s witchcraft writing, with one of the emblems representing the demon king, Beleth. He also reveals that the one power to have over the witch is to know her name. This latest development in his investigation leads Ronan to to the church, where he steals a book containing records of witch trials from the 17th century.

After having more disturbing nightmares about Sophie giving birth to a demon, Emma wakes up to a phone call announcing that Sophie is in fact in labour but unlike her nightmare, everyone is healthy.

Inspector Ronan reads from the book about the trial of Marianne and finds out about her origins. We see that growing up, she was surrounded by unexplained misfortunes. She married and had kids but one day, she took her kids to the woods and came back alone. She then killed her husband and the legend says that she married the demon king, Beleth. She was caught and hung but not before vowing to come back for their children, as she never leaves empty handed. The people buried her thinking this was enough to get rid of her once and for all.

Aurore goes to see Emma in hospital and tells her that when her sister Lucie died her parents were very supportive. That night, Emma is visited by Marianne yet again who slowly appears in her mirror before grabbing her head. We then see Tonio being chased by Marianne in the harbour and Aurore is also the victim of the witch but in the form of her sister, Lucie. The episode ends in the hospital where we see Marianne as Lucie visiting Seby’s baby. When Seby and the nurse arrive in the nursery, they find another skin pouch in the place the baby should be.

This latest episode gave us more background story on Marianne and it definitely brought more depth to her backstory and motivations, told through Ronan reading from the old priest’s book and by showing the pictures creepily moving along with the tale.

There’s certainly more urgency in this episode as Marianne is now targeting more people around Emma and showing what she is really capable of. Will this create more divide between Emma and her loved ones or will it bring them closer together, ready for that inevitable showdown with the witch? Only time will tell but, in the meantime, Marianne remains a thrilling and binge-worthy horror series.


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