Marianne – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Write Or Die

Episode 2 of Marianne starts exactly where the last one left off, with Camille heading downstairs to look for Emma. Suddenly, the alarm stops but the phone starts ringing instead. A man from the security company calls to check on the property as they have been notified of the alarm. He gets her to lock the door but reveals himself to be Marianne and suddenly appears in the corner of the room. Thankfully, she’s saved by Emma who returns from having hit her head on the floor last episode.

After calling the police in the morning, they’re greeted by Inspector Ronan. He explains that he is unable to get a warrant to search the Daugeron house as Emma’s parents went out by their own accord. Convinced that Marianne drugged her parents, Emma, with the help of Camille, decides to break in her house to investigate. As they find a strange locked door with noises and movement behind it, Marianne returns, surprising them again. She then starts to cut repeatedly through her arms and tells Emma she will only stop if she carries on writing about Lizzie and Marianne. As the girls escape the crazy rambling witch, Marianne tells Emma that if she refuses, she will keep coming back to see her every night.

Meanwhile, the inspector goes to see his friend who works in an occult shop to ask him some advice about the skin pouch. Immediately he tells him that it’s witchcraft and very dangerous. He goes on to explain that it’s a marker and makes people around it vulnerable to evil spells.

Emma heads to the boat wreckage on the cliff and it’s here that she encounters one of her old friends, Aurore, who acts quite anxious around her. We are given more hints that something bad happened in the past in the lighthouse and that Emma was responsible. Later that night, Emma hears Marianne again and sees her parents knelt down on the floor, repeating that she has to write or Marianne will inflict pain. They then point at a mysterious figure standing in the corner before her father suddenly shouts again that she must write.

The next day, Emma goes to confront Marianne but instead, she takes her to Caroline’s funeral. As they walk towards the open casket, Marianne spits in her daughter’s eye. After this disturbing moment, Emma heads back to the cliff where she’s met by all her old friends. They share a nice moment where they reminisce about the past and drink in memory of Caroline.

The episode ends with Emma deciding to write again, reviving Lizzie. We then cut to see her mum who’s walking the street, naked and bloody.

Marianne continues with the same tone and pace as the first episode, refusing to slow down and delivering just enough of an uneasy mystery to keep us coming back for more. We’re also given some hints about the past, which brings even more intrigue to the story. Quite what’s happened to Emma and her friends, and how it all links to Marianne remains to be seen but for now, the series continues to deliver in its second episode.


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