Manifest – Season 4 Episode 9 “Rendezvous” Recap & Review


Episode 9 of Manifest Season 4 starts with Cal and Ben showing up at Dr Bates’ office. Despite Saanvi’s immunotherapy, his numbers aren’t improving and he’s looking at mere days left of his life. Ben is incredulous and believes there’s something else they can do…but Dr Bates breaks the news that Cal is not going to survive this. Cal decides they should keep it just between them for this night, focusing on Zeke and Michaela for now.

Jared shows up at Michaela’s, conflicted over whether to take the Registry job or not. However, he realizes he’s interfered on their anniversary and decides to leave. Zeke though, allows him to stick around. Jared even gives a speech too, pointing out that the better man won.

As the attention turns back to Cal, all of them suddenly experience another Calling, jumping back to the airplane from before where they find themselves sitting, passed out in their seats. A passenger call light turned on, deducing someone who needs their help, while Saanvi points out that Thomas, one of the attendants at the back, is furiously tugging at the cargo hold.

While Cal continues to weaken, the others heads up to the passenger boards and try to find Thomas, who’s living off the grid. Thankfully, they have a Compass at hand, which helps points them in his direction. And he’s actually close by. What are the odds!

Ben works out where the call light was coming from. It’s Marko Valeriev’s seat. Jared and Ben decide to go and bring him to Cal. In their absence, Olive and TJ deliberate over the Omega Sapphire and realize that it could well help to cure Cal.

Eagan helps out at the Soup Kitchen, using it as a cover for a far more sinister plan. During a shift break, he sneaks down to the basement and finds strange sigils around a mysterious door. He convinces his colleague to join him, claiming he hears voices from God. Funnily enough, as Eagan bursts through the wall, he comes face to face with Michaela and Saanvi on the other side.

Eagan knows what he’s looking for and uncovers a puzzle hidden in plain sight, right behind the drywall. Saanvi and Michaela face-time Olive and TJ, where they show off the wall and the tarot cards there. However, they’re not just ordinary cards but actually Al-Zuras’ tarot deck.

The images match the cards perfectly, which appear to be part of this big plan to lead toward the Omega Sapphire. Using the tiles, they place them above the corresponding tarot cards.

Meanwhile, Marko is brought before Cal and appears to be having a Calling. Dropping a pad and pen in his lap, Marko draws out a volcano, the recurring visual motif we’ve been seeing all season long. But not just any volcano, it’s the world tarot card. Both groups come to the same conclusion and within the walls of this basement, they set fire to the grate underneath, which ignites the wall and shows a drawing of the goddess Maat, which happens to be TJ’s papyrus. Inside happens to be the sapphire.

Naturally, Eagan takes it and runs, while the ceiling crumbles and traps Leo under a pillar. With Eagan gone, Thomas shows up just in time to free them.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Eden happens to be on a call with an unknown number and hides the phone next to a chair. This is clearly Angelina, right? At the same time, Olive and the rest of the gang learn the truth about Cal’s condition and are absolutely crushed. However, the Calling we’ve seen snippets for across the season comes to fruition.

The ash and rumbling materializes in all of our characters on the plane, minus Angelina. All the passengers are tumbling down but it seems the Death Date is not actually just for the passengers, it’s the date for the Apocalypse itself. Eagan also appears in the Calling, with a blinding blue light for the sapphire which he’s holding. Michaela urges him to give it back but instead, he completely disappears.

Eagan appears back in his motel room and collapses on the floor. An unknown figure has stolen the sapphire from him.

The Episode Review

So with a lot of wild goose chasing and running around, it now becomes apparent that Manifest has basically geared up to a big ol’ deus ex machina to save the day in the form of this Omega Sapphire. With promises that it can allegedly cure cancer and could be the key to stopping the Apocalypse from arriving, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what it all means and how it plays out.

We’re getting to the point of this show where we really needs answers and to be fair, we are actually starting to see that now with some of these later episodes but in doing so, some of the earlier material for this season has felt like busywork by comparison.

For example, we had a solid 5 episodes of trying to find Eden and now that she’s found it’s resulted in… not a lot? Angelina is still the antagonist as before but hopefully the final episode in this part will switch things up and shed more light on what part she has to play in everything.

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