Manifest – Season 4 Episode 7 “Romeo” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Manifest Season 4 starts with another 828 passenger murdered. This time it’s Anna Ross, and it doesn’t look good. At the same time, Saanvi doubles down on searching for Sapphire, deciding she needs to get her hands on this as it could well hold the key to sorting out the Callings. Ignoring Vance’s calls for her to slow down, Saanvi picks apart an expensive laser and gets her hands on a sliver of sapphire. So how does this work for unlimited Callings? Well, that’s another conundrum for our group to figure out!

As for Cal, he’s taken to the doctors where he learns he has cancer. In order to get his mind off things, he’s encouraged to go out and live his life. And so he does just that and goes on a date. He heads out with Violet, one of the women they saved back with Adrian. The date goes okay, where Cal reveals his true identity to her later on. In response, Violet admits she helped Angelina in the past by giving her baby supplies. After the pair share a kiss, they seemingly hint at another date in the future.

Ben follows a lead of his own too, heading off to a nursing home where he manages to hoodwink the overworked receptionist into allowing him to look around freely. While she’s swamped with calls, Ben checks out a room where all the detained 828 passengers are being cared for. Saanvi shows up not long after and realizes the Major went to extreme lengths to figure out to connect them to this frequency we’ve been hearing about. The patient files indicate that they’re all braindead, but when a glowing light emanates out from their brain scans and Marko cries when Ben apologizes to him, it seems to show that the patients are actually conscious on some level.

Zeke shows up at therapy and decides to try and get some help for his condition. When he attempts to take Cal’s pain meds for himself earlier in the episode, he realizes he’s got a big problem and heads out to try and get help.

Michaela and Jared continue to find the clues, realizing there’s a link to Angelina for all the victims thus far. Sam allowed Angelina to stay in his home while Anna Ross also had ties to her. However, as the pair continue to investigate, they jump between various different leads but can’y find anything conclusive to tie everything together.

Back home, Ben finally gets a breakthrough with Eden, who begins calling him “Daddy”. In truth, it’s a brief respite from what’s otherwise a much more important issue at hand. Michaela uncovers another Calling which brings the blame squarely to Angelina’s mother, Noelle, who happens to be the one who killed those poor passengers linked to her daughter. And the next person on the list? Violet Wheeler. When Cal heads home and realizes, he begins crying.

The Episode Review

While I appreciate this episode isn’t a complete filler, given we learn crucial details surrounding Angelina’s mother as the one killing people, it does bring up a lot of fluff that didn’t need to be here.

There are a litany of different subplots running through this season and this chapter really doesn’t do a whole lot to advance the story forward. We get a long time with Cal off on a date while the Zeke subplot just feels like busywork and an excuse not to spam his empath ability to get the truth from people.

This isn’t a bad episode per-se, but it’s a needless one, as the details here could easily have been added to other episodes to beef up the pacing.

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