Manifest – Season 4 Episode 15 “Throttle” Recap & Review


Episode 15 of Manifest season 4 starts with the news reporting on the “Blood River” outside the 828 facility. News reports are all over this and believe it’s linked to the passengers. They incite the people to rise up and make a difference to stop the government from letting this happen.

With the city starting to turn into a powder keg, the runaway passengers, led by Amuta, decide they need to hunker down and stay where they are. However, some don’t agree. In fact, Ben over at the Detention Center also says that he doesn’t believe they should stay and thinks Angelina is dangerous.

Despite being in solitary confinement, Zimmer wipes her hand of Angelina’s threat. Ben’s play here is that he wants to use the antidote that Saanvi was developing to stop her Sapphire powers. However, Zimmer doesn’t want to get rid of them. Instead, she wants her to deliver each of the passengers right to her. In exchange, Zimmer has agreed to cut a deal and release her.

Michaela’s father shows up to see Michaela, informing her that Olive and Cal have been dropped off at Port Authority, where they’re going to stay with a friend. However, Olive has a note that could help them uncover the truth. Her father ends up collapsing on the other side of the glass after passing it over, and Michaela is taken back to her room, shocked.

Michaela paces like a caged animal, until she sees bits of a Calling including the woods and a stream outside. Ben shows to try and help her, as Michaela believes she needs to find a way to be with her father. Ben decides she should use the Callings as an excuse and make something up to get out and find her father.

Ben’s plan works, while a note is passed over to TJ who’s updated on everything that’s been going on outside with Angelina. Eagan happens to be there too and he sees everything, including how Angelina is in the detention center, but a different area to them.

As for Amuta, he shows up at the Detention Center and demands to see Daly, pointing out that the good Captain actually showed up at the Safe House and told him to head to the Detention Center, believing that they could strike a deal. Of course, this is all Angelina’s and when he’s locked up, Ben learns what’s happening and believes that Zimmer bribed Angelina to use her sapphire to convince the other passengers to turn themselves in.

Zimmer allows Michaela and Jared to go, with the latter prepared to put his own neck on the line to corroborate the story. After all, you can’t fake a Calling! On the way out, Jared receives a text from Drea, telling him they need to talk. And to be honest, all of this stems from Michaela, who’s orchestrated all of this. With a bottle of booze in hand, she needs Drea to cut the tracker out of her arm. And it works too, allowing Michaela to go free.

Michaela immediately hurries to the hospital but learns that her father is not well. He’s not able to speak right now and he’s in a rough way. Michaela refuses to abandon him, given how costly the hospital care is going to be and decides to try and take care of him full-time. Michaela needs to be back soon but her Calling comes again and with more substance this time. She seems to know where this wooded area is, so they head out on a road trip.

Ben learns the safe word (chicken coop) for the runaway passengers and decides to use that to warn them all before Zimmer gets there. He steps on the back of a car but this is no rousing Independence Day speech. Instead, with the cameras on him he mentions that they need to fly from the chicken coop. However, he’s hit by a stone before he can continue, bleeding from the forehead and escorted back in.

It works though, as Zimmer shows up at the safehouse with her goons but is shocked to learn that the place has been abandoned and is completely empty. She believes this is Angelina’s doing, that she was warned in advance. As a result, Zimmer decides that it’s time to have that pesky sapphire cut out of her completely and extracted.

Saanvi is shocked when she finds out, especially when she learns that Zimmer wants to pass this on to her superiors, including potentially weaponizing the sapphire. Only… it disappears! It absorbs itself into Angelina’s veins and so removing it is completely out of the question.

At the same time, Eagan and TJ work together to find Angelina, helped along by Polly’s boyfriend, who’s still working at the Center undercover. They end up in the same room, and witness from afar as Ben shows up and interjects, deciding to inject Angelina with a sedative to remove her Callings. In doing so, she ends up letting out a bloodcurdling scream, serving as a siren that basically sees all 828ers pass out.

Eagan grabs Polly’s boyfriend’s badge and manages to get into the hospital room. There, he strikes a deal with Angelina to leave with her, given she’s essentially the sapphire now. As they skip away, we learn the full extent of what’s happened here. Injecting Angelina has actually had an adverse effect. Saanvi does a check and realizes that all the Callings have now gone completely. Ben is shocked and realizes that she’s basically short-circuited all their Calling receptors and even worse, led to Angelina escaping.

As the episode closes out, Zimmer ends up transferring Saanvi to a different department while RJ and Ben realize that the world is indeed ending, and the root cause appears to be an active volcano under New York City. The river turning red is just another in a long line of warning signs that it’s getting ready to erupt. And if it does, it’ll spell disaster for everyone.

The Episode Review

Manifest now starts to tighten the screw and has a lot more drama and tension in this chapter. Sure, the writing is still a little wonky but at least we get to see Angelina and Eagan in far more prominent roles, while the evil Zimmer is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

If that wasn’t enough though, we also have the situation involving Michaela, who has her own subplot involving her father, and given she’s off on the road, who knows what lies in store for them next.

We’re reaching crunch time now and it remains to be seen exactly whether our characters will make it of this in one piece. Can they stop this giant volcano from erupting? We’ll have to wait and find out!

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