Manifest – Season 4 Episode 13 “Ghost Plane” Recap & Review

Ghost Plane

Episode 13 of Manifest season 4 starts with Cal’s big finding in the orchard. It turns out it’s actually Fiona. She’s somehow still alive and she’s returned for a specific reason. It’s almost like she’s trapped in a Calling. She’s unresponsive although she is still alive. She was in seat 23B so Olive works to tell Ben what’s happened, speaking in code about her trip at the Detention Center. When Ben shows off one of the locusts, he suddenly gets a Calling so the guards take him away to Zimmer.

Zimmer is convinced that everything is going to escalate now given the locust situation. Ben is brought in for the meeting regarding the latest Calling, and Michaela is incredulous to the whole ordeal. She believes he’d be a real asset in the field but Zimmer is having none of it, this is Michaela’s assignment. Ben does eventually bring up the location of his Calling, which is Mansion Marina at the end of the dock with a boat reading slip 57. Within this Calling, it’s pulled under by some sort of force.

Elsewhere, Cal and Olive recall Fiona’s history, including how she was in a bad car accident as a kid. She then somehow still went on to be a neurosurgeon but the head trauma actually prevented her from ever having Callings. Only now, she seems to be in a never-ending one. Cal has a vested interest in this of course, given he was helped out in the Divine Consciousness by her, so he works double-time to solve her Calling, which could hold a vital clue.

Cal tries to head into the Calling again but notices a huge tree where her seat would be. No, it’s not Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s actually a giant olive tree. Somehow, he manages to pull out a couple of olives to give to Olive, and she’s shocked that he was able to do this.

Olive tells Cal to connect with the Divine Consciousness and find Saanvi, so she can try and help Fiona, who struggles to breathe. It seems like one of her lungs has collapsed. He’s going to have to operate. Thankfully, Cal manages to get her to breathe and stabilizes her.

At the Detention Center, it seems the Captain is plagued and covered in boils and horrible spots. When one of the guards gets infected and is brought to Saanvi, he’s declared dead. Saanvi tells Vance to stay back, although ironically she’s not wearing any protective gear, nor are anyone else in the room.

Michaela and Jared learn that the boat on the dock belongs to Eagan’s father. Vance feeds this back to Ben, who has another Calling, including someone being pulled out the water wearing a special necklace. Ben manages to gain access to Eagan, who points out that the necklace is called the Faravahar. It’s supposed to be a reminder of good conduct for the soul. Ben deduces that this could actually be related to Eagan’s mother, but Eagan is in no position to help.

However, Michaela and Ben do find Eaman’s mother staging a break-in while taking the family money for herself. When Ben learns this, he gets some information from Eagan, who brings up that Ben’s new Calling (about strings and an iron heart) seems to be linked to Eagan’s protégé, Cheryl. It seems like she’s about to double-cross Eagan and is actually pulling the strings here to dupe his mother.

Michaela and Jared decide to con the con artist, heading out to grift… but there’s a problem. She catches wind of what’s happening and tries to flee. Thankfully, Michaela is there and she notices the bag of money Cheryl’s trying to run with and she’s arrested.

Sanvi learns that these boils on Agent Cordell’s body have traces of Captain Daly’s DNA on them. This is, of course, the same as with the locusts. Both plagues originated with Daly but Zimmer refuses to play ball, feigning ignorance and keeping cagey about the truth.

Elsewhere, Angelina uses her Sapphire powers to communicate telepathically with Eden, so the little girl can see Olive.  Angelina continues to communicate with Eden throughout the episode, learning more about what’s happening – and it seems to be linked to everything.

Within Revelations 11 in the bible, there’s an extract there that depicts that God sent two witnesses, represented by two olive trees to bring on the end of times. But it only comes after the two witnesses are killed. So Angelina believes that she’s the chosen one to bring this about and kill the two witnesses to end the world.

With Cheryl detained, Eagan’s parents show up and he tells them he doesn’t blame them if they hate him. Eagan admits he hates himself most of the time. His father points out that they’re bound to him regardless of what happens. He’s still pissed but it seems there’s hope for them yet.

That night, Olive realizes that things have been moved about on the noticeboard. Cal deduces that they need to get Fiona talking, as not all plagues are bad. They need to keep both of them safe, and stop the “beast” (Angelina) from rising up.

Meanwhile, Saanvi heads in to see Captain Daly and tries to get him talking. With simple nods and shakes of the head, Saanvi does manage to get a blood sample. Back at the Stone residence, Angelina continues to control Eden, encouraging her to remove the “splinter” that’s in Fiona’s chest. Unfortunately, the girl takes out the straw and that’s bad news. And if the sudden let out of breath and Fiona lying motionless wasn’t a big enough clue, Angelina crosses out two and writes one witness in her book.

The Episode Review

So it now seems like everything is linked to religion and specifically, these different bible verses. The Callings are still incredibly useful deus ex machina device, and the new “rules” introduced, with Cal sitting in different seats and each of our characters just happening to get new Callings when the plot calls for it, does seem a little sloppy and lazy.

There’s methodical, episodic feel to all of this and you can tell the writing has been designed to be watched one a week, rather than all at once. And you can definitely feel that during this second half, given how the story is developing. Hopefully we get some answers in the episodes ahead.

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  1. Big error when Michaela and Jared go to enter the house the window is broken and in the center of the door then when they enter it is a completely different door with three colored unbroken windows.

  2. This entire episode appears to be written, haphazardly, by the “scabs” during the writer strike, despite having been completed beforehand. The most glaring example is when Jared stops the car and then “shivs” the tire, so that he and Michaela can go for a run, with a song in the background singing:

    “🎶I can feel it in the future…🎵”

    So can I…and the future looks grim for the rest of season 4 unless the writing got better in upcoming episodes.

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