Manifest – Season 4 Episode 10 “Rendezvous” Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Inversion Illusion

Episode 10 of Manifest Season 4 starts with Michaela once again seeing the nasty Calling from before. Lying in bed with Zeke, it’s not cherry blossoms this time but ash, hinting at the coming apocalypse.

Over at the Stone household, Cal is struggling but still clinging on, while Saanvi too is clinging on and attempting to make sense of everything and find a solution before the Death Date and the subsequent Apocalypse arrives.

Jared takes up the job at the Registry after all, while Ben sees Grace up in the attic in a touching reunion with his beloved. She tells him he needs to bring Eden to her and in doing so, it’ll all make sense. And with that, she disappears. Heading downstairs, he speaks to Zeke and realizes that Grace means the graveyard.

Who does Eden choose to be with?

Once there, Grace speaks to Eden and Ben, telling the latter that he needs to let Eden go back to Angelina. She’s the only mother Eden has ever known. However, he realizes that the Calling is all wrong, given Grace has a different eye colour. Angelina was tricking him the whole time.

With the façade broken, the pair force Eden to make a choice. She decides to be with Ben, prompting Angelina to begin firing wildly. Ben thankfully avoids being shot but with the sapphire in hand, Angelina lets out a blood-curdling siren scream that affects numerous people in the city.

When they all head back home, Olive realizes she knows where Angelina is, given she was helping her earlier in the show’s run-time. She’s hiding out at the old catholic school and decides to go after her.

Saanvi and Vance are worried about Cal and, more specifically, Angelina misusing the Omega Sapphire. Worried that she’s going to start causing fake Callings, the pair rattle off a list of “worst case” scenarios that this could have on the rest of the world. Knowing they need help, Saanvi calls on Dr Gupta’s expertise.

What happens at the Catholic church?

When Michaela and Ben show up at the church, a whole bunch of people are trapped while Angelina has seemingly completely lost her mind. Not only that, but she’s also turned some of the floor to lava. She likens herself to an arch angel, believing she’s there to punish those who need it.

Angelina uses the Sapphire to make Michaela see Evie, dropping the gun in the lava and losing control of the situation as a result. It seems the deus ex machina is strong in this item and it remains to be seen if we actually get any rules around how this can be used and any perceived limitations.

Cal’s scar sample begins glowing at the Nest, while Cal himself notices his scar do the same thing. He inexplicably brings Angelina into a Calling and demands she stop, pointing out that she’s destroying any chance that they have of saving themselves. Angelina tricks him by morphing into Grace and encouraging Cal to let go. However, Cal knows this isn’t right and grabs Angelina, which in turn shatters the Omega Sapphire. Cal regains consciousness momentarily before collapsing.

How do the government respond to Angelina’s siren call?

Off the back of what’s happening, the Registry enact draconian rules to try and contain the panic. Jared and Drea are shocked when the government announce that all 828 passengers on US soil are to be detained until further notice.

Meanwhile, soldiers rush on Saanvi and Vance’s location too, as the pair scramble to destroy all their research before it’s too late. At the same time, Zeke listens as Olive and TJ try to work out how to save Cal. Zeke though, makes a big decision upon learning that Cal is important to salvaging the future.

Zeke holds Cal’s hand and utters “this is the way it has to be.” As the life-force drains from him, he rings Michaela and tells her that he won’t be there when she gets home. Zeke admits that she was his second chance. This time though, Zeke intends to put that to good use and help save the family. Michaela races home but it’s too late, Zeke passes away while Cal returns.

How does Manifest’s first part of season 4 end?

Angelina survives the fiery church and manages to find the Sapphire too, which burns into her hand. She heads out from the church and begins staggering away, but in doing so, ripples of lava come out from the surface of the city. Screams call out in the night air, as everything is left on a precarious cliffhanger.

The Episode Review

So part 1 bows out with Angelina seemingly the big bad now and back with a vengeance. She’s done trying to be with Eden and has decided instead to cast vengeance on everyone else, just like her parents did. With the Omega Sapphire inside her hand and all 828 passengers caught (with the exception of our main characters of course) it leaves the door open for this second part to, hopefully, give us some answers and wrap everything up.

Manifest has had an issue with its mystery box structure, with too many loose ends and this fourth season is no exception, despite a desire to at least try to explain how everything is connected together. In the end though it all boils down to one big deus ex machina in the form of this Omega Sapphire, which can seemingly do anything. At this point, resurrection is not off the table!

With many question marks hanging over this one, we’ll have to wait and see what the second part brings up next year.

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