Manchester Orchestra – The Valley Of Vision | Album Review

Track Listing

Capital Karma
The Way
Letting Go
Lose You Again
Rear View


The word solemn comes to mind when listening to Manchester Orchestra’s EP The Valley Of Vision, and lyrically the band have penned these songs that evoke. They’re intelligently put together, primed for the fans to take in and to love, as this record has the qualities we expect from such a colossal act.

Originality bleeds into everything this band creates, from the soft-spoken monologues to subtle chords, it all commands to be listened to, and The Valley Of Vision is a beautiful collection of songs, with tracks that powerfully exceed expectations.

The band certainly has fire in their bellies, and though these song are usually subtle, they still empower with thought-provoking anecdotes. The natural talent this band shows is unparalleled.

‘Capital Karma’ opens calmly, serving up a slow burn, though the vocals are arresting and the lyrics deeply thought out. A wash of instrumentals come in gently, and there’s beauty to be found.

‘Quietly’ begins serenely, and the song doesn’t rush or elevate too much, as the vocals do it justice. The song eventually rises with a outburst of anger, while ‘Lose You Again’ is an acoustic track, balancing immense vocal work with poetic lyrics that pushes the story even further. This track is drastic, as sins need to be abolished, and life needs to be rejuvenated.

‘Rear View’ meanwhile, concentrates on a vocal masterclass, and the lyrics truly dominate in a good way, serving us poetic rhythm. It is a standout track, and a swan-song of deep thought.

Manchester Orchestra has the vigor to pull us from our seats and their music never disappoints. The Valley Of Vision might be a subtle record, but it connects on such a deeper level.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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